Blind Search

Blind Search

By Paula Munier

(340 pages, mystery, 2019)

Mercy Carr was an MP in Afghanistan and her dog, Elvis, was also there, trained to search for guns and bombs.  Now both have left the military and live in rural Vermont.  Mercy has a cabin and they are trying to live a quiet life, enjoying the beauty of Vermont in October.  But Mercy and Elvis find a lost nine-year-old boy named Henry in the woods.  They also find a woman, shot in the chest with an arrow, and Henry may have witnessed her murder.  But Henry is autistic and can’t talk about it.  Mercy, Elvis and Game Warden Troy Warner and his dog, Susie Bear, search for clues.  The dogs comfort Henry and help him when he gets upset.  Henry is a math genius and often recites prime numbers to calm himself.  Mercy must dig into the past lives of a group of old and rich friends who are connected to the murdered young woman.  They may have the key to the murder.  In Vermont, October is time for leaf-peepers, but it is also hunting season.  There are poachers and other dangerous people in the woods, and a huge black bear that might be wounded.  An early blizzard roars in, making roads impassable.  Henry disappears again.  Can Mercy and Elvis find him before it is too late?  This is the sequel to A Borrowing of Bones, but you can read it on its own.  Blind Search was inspired by a true search-and-rescue case of an autistic boy who was lost in Vermont.  Mercy is smart and determined, and Elvis is a talented at searching.  There’s humor, a touch of romance, and lots of action in this fast-paced mystery.

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Robbin Bailey

Author: Insider Staff

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