Poem: Postage Due

Library of Congress
Library of Congress

There was once a young mailman,

walked our streets a century ago,


took his time roaming house to house,

perhaps just a little too slow.


He was gifted with charisma,

the young lad was full of charm,


had a sweet disposition with the ladies,

a gentle soul who would not harm.


As the mail arrived each day,

he sorted and sorted his mail marked post,


the pretty young ladies would gather,

for they were certainly entertained the most.


As the years progressed, he delivered his mail,

because that’s just what mailmen do,


at times the postage was a little short,

he was very creative with short postage too.


Sometimes he would collect his postage due,

with a sweet kiss just so,


there was once a mailman,

walked our streets a century ago.


 James W. Spain

Author: Insider Staff

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