Poem: Before Morn

The distant thunder crept toward me,

in the middle of night before morn,

awakening me startling,

at a time when thoughts are forlorn.

Consuming the gentle evening,

with lightning and so much noise,

the dead of night can be deceiving,

with more time for thoughts to poise.

The humid breeze was replaced,

by slight chill and misty air,

a welcome relief from the heat wave,

sacrificing my slumber, I did despair.

Thoughts can be our friend,

when they arrive in bright sunlight,

but when they join us in darkness,

they sometimes tend to fright.

The thundering storm rendered relief,

concerns within my mind though magnified,

sleep would no longer visit,

I walked the fields outside.

Refreshing rain quenched me,

as I journeyed near the field of corn,

the distant thunder started,

in the middle of the night before morn

Author: Insider Staff

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