Poetry: Social distance

The people did walk,

about town on the street,

social distance a concern,

another person not to meet.


The air seemed purer,

my thoughts were so clear,

observing places passed on a normal day,

places once far but now so near.


Deep thought was easy,

no interruption from people that do,

social distancing and clear thoughts,

tend to allow you to focus too.


I passed this way many times,

as a child long ago,

when my focus was still pure,

unlike my adult self not so.


Social distancing,

has brought back young memories of mine,

perhaps it is just nature’s way

of telling me to look back in time.


My thoughts once again clear,

as I walked alone with no one to greet,

the people did walk,

about town on the street.


 James W. Spain

Author: Insider Staff

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