Book of the Week: ‘Unto Us a Son is Given’

Donna Leon

2019, 259 pages


Detective Guido Brunetti is asked by his father-in-law, Count Falier, to look into something for him. One of the Count’s oldest friends, Gonzalo, a wealthy man, wants to adopt a good-looking and much younger man as his son. If he is adopted, this man would inherit Gonzalo’s entire fortune, which greatly concerns his friends. Count Falier is very concerned about this and hopes that Guido can help him.

Days afterwards, Gonzalo dies unexpectedly. Guido wonders if the adoption was successful, but then decides that it is not his business. Then a friend of Gonzalo arrives in Venice to arrange a memorial for him and is murdered in her hotel room. Guido is called to investigate her murder. And Guido senses that the deaths are related.

This is another excellent mystery in a series, set in Venice. It features the compassionate and thoughtful Guido and includes his family and co-workers. It has a wonderful sense of place and the mystery will keep you guessing. There’s no need to read the other books first, but if you are looking for a mystery series with lots of atmosphere and wonderful characters, you should try them. Donna Leon makes you feel like you are there, having a glass of white wine in a little bar – in Venice!

Robbin Bailey

Concord Public Library

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Author: Insider staff

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