Missed Connections: Looking for love in Concord through Craigslist 

August was kind of a hectic month at the Insider, and in all the hubbub surrounding Tim’s departure, we somehow let the ever-popular Missed Connections feature fall through the cracks. Luckily, there were still plenty of entries on there dating back to mid-August, including what could be a first – someone replying to a post with a post of their own, and in very short order.

We’ve printed them here – completely unedited, of course – for your reading pleasure (or bewilderment). And who knows – maybe you are one of the “missed connections” posted here. If so, we’d absolutely love to hear your story. If not, well, just sit back and take it in.

Sewell Falls older guy (Concord) – Sept. 21

Seeking the older guy that chatted with me. Lost your info hope you see this


blonde in black dress – grey fit with Maine plates (Concord) – Sept. 20

I saw you shopping sometime in the noon hour. Tall, glasses, blonde hair, wearing a black dress with some white stripes. You looked to be on a mission and maybe a bit younger. I doubt you’ll see this. If you do, you left quite a mark. Simply stunning!


Cart boy (Concord) – Sept. 18

We discussed getting together after work you were in early 20’s. Lost your contact info. I didn’t just blow you off.


Concord teacher m4w (Concord) – Sept. 18

Hi there. You’re a teacher in Concord and I had difficulties bearing with your schedule because I was immature. I ghosted you because I was testing the bounds and you never started a convo to make plans. I’d like to reconnect if you’re still around.

I’d love to hear about your trip to Thailand a few summers back.

I still have your number but don’t think it would be proper to just text you out of the blue.


Re re: just say it (Concord nh) – Sept. 13

Whenever is anyone ready? I guess it comes down to who says it first.


Nicole at 99s (Concord) – Sept. 8

Hi , something about you appeals to me, I often come in hoping you are on duty. I’m not big on tattoos but yours suit you and caught my attention.

You seem free spirited and I like that. I’m thinking we could enjoy some great times together. I would love to know what you’re into and if you have any interest in going on a potential date.

I’m wondering about your relationship status since I didn’t notice a ring, hope this doesn’t come off as creepy because I don’t intend it that way.. I just find you very appealing and its in my nature to go after things I like.

I order the same thing every time I’m there since it’s one if their specialties. When you are my waitress I’m exceedingly happy for the rest of the night so Thank You.

If you are in a happy relationship I’m happy for you, if not….I can fix that 🙂 just reply to this post with a way to contact or to indicate that you’re in a happy relationship.


Cute girl exchanging glances with me this morning (Exit 12 Dunkins) – Sept. 7

You stood behind me for a moment until I told you I was all set and waiting for my order. You said thank you with a cute glance and smile. We kept sharing glances at each other, and I wondered what you were thinking. I was thinking about some things that would possibly make you blush. I exited from the store and noticed you were parked next to me in your Gray pickup truck and again we shared glances and smiles. We both jumped onto the Highway, you heading north, myself heading south. Would love to see that smile again and maybe more.


Just say it (Concord) – Sept. 6

Sometimes it feels like you wish to say more. Just say it. What harm will it bring?


Female Optician (Concord Eye Center) – Sept. 6

You’ve helped me on three occasions in the Eye Center, and every time I find myself more enthralled by you. You’re older than I am and your name begins with a K. There is just something so incredibly sexy about you that I can’t even describe. You’re personality, your smile… the way your dark eyes peak through your glasses.

If you want to contact me, let me know your name and what I was in for so I know it’s you. If not, just know that you’re a beautiful, enchanting woman.


Hckchc (Concord) – Sept. 5

Tell me what u drive lets chat


Krazy kids few wks ago..you:dark hair, purple pants. green headband (Concord) – Sept. 4

Couldnt keep my eyes off you.

You had haram style yoga pants that were purple and green headband.

You were with your little son, adorable and curly hair.

You two were running around and playing together the whole time.

You walked around with such an energy I couldnt ignore.

Such a long shot…but if it’s meant to be, I’ll hear from you.

Cant stop thinking of you…


Beautiful woman at the gym (Concord NH) – Sept. 2

I see you there on the weekends

Seeing you makes my weekend complete. I did miss you today, I know you are married as am I, but I can’t take my eyes off of you. I really hope you will be there Saturday morning as well as Sunday morning. I will be thinking of you during the week. Hope you have a great week.


Re: To the sweet woman that paid for my coffee…. (Mickey D’s Concord) – Aug. 31

No problem, I noticed you drive a Mustang and immediately realized you must be desperate and/or destitute so I gladly donated to the less fortunate. It’s how I roll, don’t read anything else into it please. Oh and pay it forward whenever you see someone in need (or in a Mustang).


to the sweet women that paid for my coffee friday morning (micky ds concord) – Aug. 31

hello there thank you very much for the coffee you where driving a suv with a blown out back glass I had the gray mustang gt would love to return the favor or buy you a drink like to here back from you have a great weekend


I-93 north concord – Aug. 25

You were driving a white Toyota tacoma. I exited onto 89n. You continued on. I just wanted to say that you are a beauty! If you see this tell me what I was driving. I’d love to get to know you!


PF (Concord) – Aug. 25

You were absolutely stunning! I couldn’t help but notice you most of my workout today! I was too nervous to actually interrupt your workout and chat with you though. Keep up the good work!


Older pretty woman met at Sewell Falls (Concord) – Aug. 23

We talked briefly and made eye contact on several occasions would like to meet and walk our dogs together hope you see this.


Looking for Stacy from concord – Aug. 22

We talked and were going to get together but phone broke lost all emails would luv to hear from you

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