Missed Connections: Nice server, gym mornings and a volunteer

Even though Craigslist officially removed its entire “Personals” section a few months ago, that hasn’t stopped the legions of die-hard Missed Connections fans from hoping to find Mr. or Mrs. Right through anonymous internet personal ads – now filed under the website’s “Community” section.

Once again, we rounded up some of the highlights (if you want to call them that) posted during the month of June and reproduced them here, in all of their unedited (and in many cases, creepy) glory.

If you or anyone you know has ever actually made a connection through Craigslist, we want to hear all about it. Just send the details to news@theconcordinsider.com.

Maroon Honda CRV – June 29

I saw you Friday coming out of market basket then on main st. You were smoking a cigarette and singing. I’d love to meet up with you sometime. Gorgeous!


Kendra that used B in Concord – June 29

Please get in touch with me.

Kendra who used to live in Concord please get in touch hun


Nicest server I ever met – June 25

Met you at the restaurant you work at. You were so nice and I did my best to be nice too even after a couple of drinks. My friends laughed but they are rude people. They couldn’t see the beauty I saw in those gorgeous blue eyes. You have my number on the paper, you saved it in your apron and I stayed up till 2 am an hour after your shift hoping you would call or text… If you see this let me know.

Looking for my old female friend an 80’s girl – June 25

Looking for my old female friend an 80’s girl I lost contact with you I just moved back in town you had the best eyes and a great body. We would help each other out over the bad times and when we played we played hard. It would be great to see you again. Tell me what you did to me the last time we met.

Morning Gym Girl –  June 20

I see you regularly at PF in the mornings. You help motivate me on the mornings that you are there. You are beautiful and have a stunning, well balanced body. When you let your hair down.. Wow! Wish I could get you to smile more!

Loudon rd DD – June 13

We were at DD together. You were very beautiful,you told me, it’s nice day out…Caught me by surprise if it was more or just being friendly..I understand but you made my day brighter.


Pretty woman – June 13

Looking for the girl, that caught my eye let’s text in get to no each other.I’m normal just don’t have much time to hit bar or club scene..We met on 2/9/09 at 7 or 6 pm only six degrees separated us.

Met at Sewell Falls –  June 7

Met an older gentleman at Sewell Falls and we struck up a good conversation. Lost your contact info hope you see this

Future Insight volunteer – June 3

So I know this is a long shot and maybe if you don’t see it a friend will and let you know. You had dirty blond/ blond hair pulled through a grey and white addidas baseball cap. You wear glasses, I believe silver or wire rim. You are around 5feet tall, wearing blue jeans and have the most beautiful smile and seem very pleasant. I think I saw you get into a silver Honda Civic. I would very much like to see you and see if we can make a connection. Hoping you or someone you know reads this. You are a beautiful woman!

Author: Insider Staff

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