Missed Connections: Look who’s trying to find love on Craigslist

We took to Craigslist last week to see who had been posting on the Missed Connections pages in our neck of the woods during the month of November. And we found a ton of great entries to share.

If you happened to make a connection from one of these missed connections – or any for that fact – we definitely want to know about it. Email us at news@theconcordinsider.com with all the juicy details.


hurt my neck you were lookin so good (m4w) – Nov. 27

walmart Sat 11/25 you drove into parking lot from the 106 side and were playing some rock music on your radio.

You looked cute and I wanted to check you out some more- when you walked in the front door I turned my head 270 degrees and was like WOW: Super hot w/dark locks – I couldn’t turn away…you made my afternoon. my neck still hurts. need your insurance info.

hope you see this 🙂


Walking up Main St with court ordered ankle bracelet (m4w) – Nov. 27

I saw you walking with a friend. You have brown hair and were wearing a maroon (?) jacket with some very funky stretch pants. You looked incredibly sexy! I though about offering the 2 of you a ride, as it was windy and cold. I didn’t have enough room for 2 more though.

If this sounds like you, and you need rides around town, I would love to hear from you!!


Market Basket, today (m4w) – Nov. 27

It was at the Market Basket on Fort Eddy Road, today around 4:30. We were in produce. I wore glasses. You pointed out the name of my employer printed on my shirt, and we talked about that for a bit. I work in Merrimack. We both like Pink Lady apples, and I helped you open a plastic bag for your summer squash.

You have a spark that I found really attracted. You’re a little older, though still very attractive. Blonde hair. I have a feeling you eat healthy.

Id really love to talk more. Maybe I’ll properly introduce myself next time.

What was printed on my shirt?


Concord mall (m4w) – Nov. 26

Ypu where in the mall today blond hair grey leggings nice butt and pretty face if you think this is u lets chat


Walmart concord (m4w) – Nov. 26

To the woman i see all the time when in there you have purple hair and your always on your tablet with head phones in ive always wanted to say hi but havnt been able to have the courage to do it if you see this id love to chat more


Dollar General girl (w4m) – Nov. 25

Okay so I posted this before….. My name’s Ashley. I’m looking for a guy that just moved to penacook. He recently broke up with his girlfriend and I think he’s cute and wanna get to know him. He litterly was just in here tonight 11/25/17 and I completely like shyed away. Please if you believe or think you are him. Message me


I held the door for you Tuesday night at Dunkins (m4w) – Nov. 21

It was about 5:00. You were walking out of Dunkins behind me. You were on your phone, and you had your hood up. You’re a bit shorter than me and had long reddish blonde hair. You thanked me very politely, and then you looked back a couple times as if you were interested. I wasn’t going to interrupt your phone call, but you definitely kept an eye on me.

If you see this, I’d love to hear from you.


Concord dunks, mustang (m4w) – Nov. 15

We were eyeing each other the moment you noticed me after you turned around in your shorts with fishnets underneath. I thought I was picking up on some strong vibes from you. On the way out you made a comment about my ride. This is a long shot, but if you see this tell me the color of it, and what I look like.


Crazy kids Concord (m4w) – Nov. 12

You were with your son and young daughter. Your son wanted me and my daughter to play hide and seek with you. I introduced myself when you were leaving I should of asked for your number.


Nick (m4m) – Nov. 10

Hey you are one of my favorite customers at subway would love to hangout sometime I know I enjoy when you come if you think this is you what car do you drive or what sandwich do you eat and if you know who I am tell me my name


French Toast candle (m4w) – Nov. 9

You asked me what I thought of the french toast candle, and I agreed it smelled amazing. After we parted ways, and then I saw you again a couple times, I kept wondering if you were simply making small talk or if you were interested. I’m definitely older, but you’re incredibly cute and sexy! I was going to complement you on how good you looked, but again, was afraid you were simply making small talk.

I really hope you see this!!!


Erik, you’re missed, Concord Bus Stop (w4m) – Nov. 5

I’ve never had such an intense, instant connection as we did years ago; I️ miss talking, sharing ideas about art, the feelings you stirred in me. I️ miss my friend.


Hannaford 11/1 (m4w) – Nov. 3

I’ve never tried this before, but I’ve been kicking myself for the past two days..

You were a lovely brunette out shopping by herself. We passed each other a couple of times in the aisles before you eventually ended up in the checkout line behind me and struck up a conversation about a similarity between your brother and I.

If by some chance you are that lady and are somehow single, I’d love to continue the conversation. If that’s a mutual interest please tell me what it was that had me a step up on your brother so I know it’s you!


Beautiful Bartender / Server (m4w) – Nov. 3

You’re a sweet and incredibly attractive woman and I am almost speechless beyond giving you my order. I was impressed that you remembered my order from my previous visit. Your intelligence and dark hair remind me of my late wife and that’s a very big compliment.

Since I’ve been visiting your town for work, I am always scruffy n dirty by the time I stop to eat. Maybe I can get there some evening when I am more presentable. I think you’re awesome and I would love to get to know you better. I just can’t seem to talk when you’re around. It must be that sexy hair. If you see this, tell me what I ordered so I know it’s you. I will be in town tomorrow and many more times in the future.

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