There’s plenty of stuff to know about Hooksett

As you have clearly seen thus far, we used part of last week to explore as much of Hooksett as we could.

Since this was a day trip, there was only so many hours in the day to enjoy the sights and sounds of Concord’s (and Bow’s) neighbor to the south.

We tried to do a comprehensive look at what a typical day tripper would expect to do when spending the day in a new place. So we covered the food (and beer), we had loads of fun and we even took pictures of some of the more interesting and unique things we could find on our journey (see right).

But we can only assume that a fair amount of you are curious about the other stuff – the stats that make up the town and odd pieces of information that you might want to know before cruising around the streets of Hooksett.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Hooksett was originally part of Chester, Goffstown and Dunbarton. Some of the early mentions of the name are documented as the Isle au Hooksett, and Isle au Hooksett Falls, which appeared many years prior to the incorporation and naming of the town.

Hooksett was formally incorporated in 1822, and lies between New Hampshire’s largest city (Manchester) and Concord, the state capital.

It’s home to the only toll booth on Interstate 93.

The town is 37.5 square miles, and only a little over one square mile of that is water. Now you see why we could only cover so much.

According to the last census, more than 13,000 people called Hooksett home, but that number has surely grown since the last one was conducted about seven years ago.

During our travels, we heard the library is top notch, there’s a historical society and the Hooksett Garden Club is celebrating its 20th year this year.

The small but active club, is probably best know for its annual flower boxes on Memorial Bridge, and that it maintains the Hooksett Public Library garden.

Hooksett holds an old home day each fall, which we can only imagine is one heck of a time that we sure are sorry we missed, and the Hooksett Chamber ( is always willing to help visitors find what they’re looking for.

So as you can tell, this is a pretty cool town to visit. Why not make it your next day trip destination? You can thank us later.

Author: Insider Staff

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