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JON BODELL—Insider staff
Check out the fancy new patio at Cheers. (JON BODELL / Insider staff)
JON BODELL—Insider staff
The Barley House has a strong outdoor presence on North Main Street. (JON BODELL / Insider staff)
JON BODELL—Insider staff
True Brew Barista in Bicentennial Square is always a hot spot for outdoor dining and sipping. (JON BODELL / Insider staff)
JON BODELL—Insider staff
Margaritas has two separate outdoor patios in Bicentennial Square, both gated off. (JON BODELL / Insider staff)
JON BODELL—Insider staff
Have a drink while overlooking South Main Street on The Draft's roof deck patio. (JON BODELL / Insider staff)
JON BODELL—Insider staff
Have a little privacy at the Constantly Pizza (downtown location) patio. (JON BODELL / Insider staff)
JON BODELL—Insider staff
The patio at O Steaks & Seafood has some nice floral arrangements. (JON BODELL / Insider staff)
JON BODELL / Insider staffThe outdoor patio at Tandy’s is open for business.
The outdoor patio at Tandy’s is open for business. (JON BODELL / Insider staff)

Who doesn’t love grabbing a bite to eat under the sun in the summertime?

If you just answered, “Me,” we’re not sure why you’re reading this issue.

But for the rest of us, it’s that time of year again – for the most part (what was with all the cold days last week?). Pretty much every restaurant that offers outdoor seating has their stuff out there now, and it’s going to good use.

We figured we’d find out as much as we could about each option for outdoor dining. We usually go into roundups like these assuming we won’t have enough room to mention everybody, but this time, we really put together an exhaustive list of every place we could find. This may in fact be the most complete roundup in Insider history.

That being said, there is still a limit to how much we can fit into these pages, so here’s some quick, basic facts about every place we could find or think of that offers any type of outdoor dining.

Most of these options are the kind in which you order something from the counter and take it outside yourself if you want. Places that offer full wait service will be noted.

And by the way: although not every single business on Main Street provides its own outdoor furniture, the city of Concord has recently installed a collection of fine benches and seating areas, so the entire heart of downtown is essentially one big patio now. Feel free to pack a lunch and go grab a spot anywhere!


Cheers has a huge new patio with umbrellas, heat towers and wait service. Read more about what they’ve done there on page 20.

The Barley House has full wait service for five four-seat tables with umbrellas. The seating area is on the sidewalk and it’s roped off, creating its own little section where you can eat and drink – including adult beverages.

The Crust & Crumb Baking Co. has a modest two-seat table on the sidewalk.

Wellington’s Marketplace has four four-seat tables on the sidewalk.

Brown Bag Deli has three two-seat tables on the sidewalk.

Tandy’s features a patio area with full wait service, plenty of umbrellas, some lattice surrounding it and a nice view of Eagle Square. You can order drinks out there, too.

Eagle Square Deli has four four-seat tables with umbrellas. You can yell over to your friends eating at Tandy’s from there, though that may annoy everyone around you.

Old Europe has 12 two-seat tables with umbrellas. The area is fenced off from the sidewalk, and you can get full wait service, including drinks.

Orange Leaf has two three-seat tables on the sidewalk to enjoy your fro-yo.

Gyro House has two three-seat tables without umbrellas and four four-seat tables with umbrellas. Take your pick. You can also bring alcohol out there now.

The Works Bakery Cafe provides five four-seat tables and three two-seat tables, all with umbrellas.

Dos Amigos has a pair of green two-seat tables on the sidewalk. You can have beer inside, but not outside. Burritos are allowed everywhere, though.

Siam Orchid has full wait service at four two-seat tables on the sidewalk.

O Steaks & Seafood has a full-service patio with wooden tables and chairs. The area is surrounded by flowers and shrubs.

Constantly Pizza has a patio area that’s semi-private, with lattice surrounding it. The tables have umbrellas, so between that and the lattice, you can find plenty of shade.

True Brew Barista, the one in Bicentennial Square, has six four-seat tables, though not unlike Main Street, the square is pretty much one big outdoor seating area, so you’re sure to find a spot. True Brew Cafe, the one inside Gibson’s Bookstore, usually does have seating on the sidewalk, but the sidewalk isn’t really there right now due to construction, so don’t try to picnic there – for safety reasons.

Margaritas has two separate patio areas out in Bicentennial Square. These areas have full wait service and they’re gated off from the rest of the square.

Tea Garden has a patio out front with umbrellas. This is above the sidewalk attached to the building, and you can get full wait service.

Yellow Submarine has two small two-seat tables, one with an umbrella.

The Draft has a full upstairs patio deck with umbrella tables. Some may even call this a roof deck – and it’s right here in Concord! This is a full-service patio, too.

Buffalo Wild Wings has a patio area off the side of the restaurant with TVs, overhead cover, canvas surround and wait service. It’s that rare TV/outside combo we all crave.

C.C. Tomatoes has a patio on the street side of the building. This is, of course, a full-service facility.

El Rodeo has a patio area with umbrella tables. Wait service is provided.

Quality Cash Market has a couple little tables on the porch, with a roof overhead to provide shade.

Beaver Meadow Golf Course features a patio off the clubhouse overlooking the course. Sure, you know it as a golf course, but it’s also a nice place to eat lunch and watch some golf in the summer – just ask our publisher!

Summer Freeze has plenty of picnic tables with built-in shade from the trees.

Arnie’s Place has picnic tables out in the parking lot, but like many ice cream and barbecue shacks, it’s not uncommon to see people just standing up working on their cones.

Ballard’s Ice Cream has lots of wooden outdoor furniture, such as swinging benches and Adirondack chairs. There’s also a big play train in a fenced-off area for the kids, but there’s no sign that says “No Adults” or anything.

The Little Creperie has some small tables on the sidewalk.

Vibes Gourmet Burgers and Buza Dairy Bar, which live next door to each other and are owned by the same company, have added some outdoor tables and chairs this year, but due to construction, there are currently only two small tables out there. Look for more outdoor seating once things clear up a bit.

Author: Jon Bodell

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