Missed Connections: Romantically discussing watermelon prices

We at the Insider like to scour Craigslist’s Missed Connections to see if anyone in Concord wants to get one cup of froyo with two spoons is finding true love online. Here, presented unedited as always, are some of the best recent entries

Robert (Concord/Bow)

Damn it Robert. Tell me to go to hell, that you’re neck deep in the swamp, or so in love that you cannot think of anything else, but please, let me know that you are ok. I really don’t want to be working on the “21 Things that I hate about Robert”. Your silence is deafening, and puzzling.

the paint brushes – w4m (Concord)

The paint brushes are blooming. Have you noticed? 

Do they remind you of me?

“She tells me that she likes Indian paintbrush

and if she could she says she would have

an entire garden full swaying in the noon breeze

on sunny Summer afternoons.”

Watermelon at Super Market – m4w (Concord)

Today at the store, you asked about the price of watermelons. I came back and told you they were $5.99… I thought you looked beautiful, and came off as a pleasant person. I was sad to see you leave.

If you read this, tell me your hair color and how it was done, and then I’ll know it’s you.

Red hair at Olive Garden – m4w (Concord)

You know who you are, the place stopped for a moment when you came in. You sat in the lobby for a little while and my two young daughters told me that you were a princess and that I should marry you.

We were sad to see you eating alone when we left.

Author: Insider staff

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