This elf isn’t on a shelf – it’s on a jackalope

Elfie looks happy. The jackalope looks, um, jackalopy.
Elfie looks happy. The jackalope looks, um, jackalopy.

Well, we asked for it. We brought our little elf buddy on a tour of downtown Concord a few weeks ago and solicited pictures from our readers with their own elves doing whatever kind of stuff elves do.

Like riding a jackalope. 

This picture comes to us from reader and Insider favorite Alana Kimball, and it depicts Elfie the elf on top of a funky antlered critter native to the west. Alana’s husband, Jeff, has family from Wyoming, which is apparently “the jackalope capital of the world.”

We were admittedly relieved to see only the elf in the photo, though, since Alana’s email contained the subject line “Save a horse, ride a jackalope.” We were afraid that was a suggestion for an issue theme!

Anyway, now that someone’s broken the ice, we’d like more of you to follow suit. Take your elf, and maybe your jackalope, and snap a picture you can send to us. Email them to and we’ll put the best ones in the paper sometime in the near future.

Author: Insider staff

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