Dos Amigos isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel – just the taco

The stars of the show, expertly-crafted soft shell tacos and creamy avocado sauce.
The stars of the show, expertly-crafted soft shell tacos and creamy avocado sauce.

Dos Amigos changed the taco game forever when it introduced $2 Taco Tuesday, perhaps the singles greatest advancement in human face-stuffing during the current century.

And guess what? Those mad Dos scientists are at it again (Does that mean there are only two scientists? Now we’ve gone and confused ourselves.)

Dos has changed it’s tacos, from the previous burrito-type offering that was wrapped at the bottom to the more traditional soft shell style. They are still just as delicious, though, and just as lovingly created by the talented Dos staff.

There’s a glossy poster illustrating the entire situation near the register at the Dos counter, so feel free to consult that for any additional details you require.

For those resistant to change, don’t fret – you can still order your tacos old-school. But we recommend being adventurous and giving the new style a try.

In other exciting flavor news for those of you late to the party, there is also an enticing newish sauce bar at Dos, featuring a handful of flavorful sauces perfect for dipping tortilla chips or slathering on tacos. If we were Guy Fieri, we’d call it the hottest new bar in Flavortown. Of course, if we were Guy Fieri, we’d have to frost our tips and punch ourselves in the face.

You’d have to work pretty hard to consume more sauce than Monitor web editor Kevin Deane in any one sitting, but feel free to wade in slowly, the water’s nice. Our favorite is the creamy avocado sauce, which has a garlicky bite to it (at least we think it’s garlic.)

Author: Keith Testa

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