Molly Lanigan is cooler than cool – she’s ice cream cold!

Name: Molly Lanigan, 29 

Job: Arnie’s Place (She’s owner Tom Arnold’s daughter)

How long have you been serving ice cream for? This is my 17th year here.

What keeps you coming back? Tom’s my dad. It’s a great job. You’re serving ice cream. People love you.

What is your favorite flavor? Vanilla soft serve is actually my favorite flavor. For hard ice cream, it’s either French vanilla or Oreo.

If you could create your own flavor, what would it be? Probably something with peanut butter and Oreos. Maybe a twist on it. We use peanut butter sauce, and it’s delicious.

Is your scooping arm way more muscular than your other arm? Yes. My right arm is definitely a lot stronger than my left. 

Cone or dish? Cone. 

Why? Less waste. You eat the whole thing. You don’t need a trash can when you’re done. 

Soft serve or traditional? My go-to is soft serve.

How come? It’s my preference. My preference is soft serve vanilla, but I’m happy with either.

What’s the most ice cream you could eat or have eaten at one time? You know we’ve all sat down with a pint of ice cream and ended up finishing it, but I’ve probably never done more than that. 

If you weren’t scooping ice cream, what would you be doing? Currently, when I’m not scooping ice cream, I’m at home with my kids. That is what I do when I’m not here.

How many kids do you have? I have two. 

There’s been an influx of frozen yogurt joints in Concord, so go ahead and talk some smack about fro-yo. I don’t have any. It’s totally different and we wish them all the best, but we still love ice cream. Choices are great, but I still think ice cream comes out on top every time.

What’s your hidden talent? I have nothing.

What’s your guilty pleasure? You’ve got to have one of those. I keep peanut butter cups in the freezer.

How come? Because they’re delicious frozen. Those mini ones, when you pop them out of the freezer and eat them.

Reese’s? Yup, Reese’s. There’s always a bag in my freezer.

Author: Keith Testa

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