Drunk men fighting in jungles?

The Concord Police Department was kind enough to give us access to some recently unearthed police logbooks. We think it's a fascinating look into the way life used to be in Concord, so we've pulled out some interesting entries for you. Check it out!

Sept. 7, 1927: Mrs. E.W. Holden on the Contoocook River complains of a young man about 19 or 20 years of age coming into her camp and took $7 and some change. He asked her if she had any more so she picked up a rifle (which was empty) and he ran out the door. He was very tall, dark blue suit with belt on the back. Had a very prominent nose and needed shaving.

June 27, 1933: A hold-up in Manchester, N.H. Two men in a Ply. Sedan with yellow wheels, one man has a cap + dark suit. The other has a Panama hat, creased in the center. Upper lip is split, headed north from Manchester.

May 21, 1936: Peeping Tom at work again in neighborhood of Thorndike and Monroe St. between Grouse and State Sts.

April 10, 1945: Mrs. Murphy, Abbot Rd., reported that she had lost a little black and white dog, has only three legs.

May 31, 1936: John Forst reported that someone took his truck from in front of the United Shoe Co. place on Pleasant St. His name lettered on it, also, lamb, beef, pork and veal.

June 2, 1936: Reported a man annoying girls on Maple St. and State St. Med. Height, dark coat, sweater with tall collar, cap, headed down Winter St. (drunk).

June 17, 1934: Escaped from state hospital, Albert Buck. 42 years old, 5'8″, 150 lbs. Wears dark-rimmed glasses. Cannot be understood when talking.

June 4, 1936: If Charles Fowler is seen drunk, bring him in.

June 24, 1936: Mrs. Anderson, 13 Fayette, complains of the barber on So. State St. hitting her children, he says he did, they shout at him and bother him when he is working on people.

July 14, 1936: Report of men drunk and fighting in jungles.

Jan 1, 1927: Larry Keenan ran over a dog at 2:30 p.m. Mr. Boshane, Bye St., was the owner. Larry paid for the dog.

Oct. 9, 1934: Henry Rolfe complains of someone breaking into his shack at the dump.

June 2, 1934: Ona Tatreau complains of Henry Maynard cursing her in an abusive way. And he used bad language before some children. Henry said that Ona drank all his beer and got drunk.

Aug. 12, 1933: Mrs. Nelson reports a tough-looking man in her yard. Says she saw the man looking in A.W. Elliot's window.

Jan. 4, 1927: Young man escaped from the Industrial School, Manchester. 6 feet, 1 inch, 160 pounds, light complexion, dark brown cap, blue overalls, tan shoes, no overcoat. $5 reward, escaped at 6 p.m. Officer Long took the call.

Jan. 30, 1943: Stanley Gordon reports a bag of wool beside the road near Thirty Pines. Notified headquarters.

Nov. 3, 1943: A request from George Randall of the High School that the upperclassmen be watched in regard to taking the freshmen for a ride. He wants the practice stopped.

Author: The Concord Insider

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