Say ‘I love you’ with a song

So, you’ve been dreaming of serenading your dearest since the day you met, but the only acceptable singing venue for a voice like yours is in the privacy of your car with your windows up.

Sigh . . . what’s the non-melodious to do?

The Concord Chorale is offering singing valentines Feb. 12 through Feb. 14. This is the chorale’s second annual singing valentines effort. All you have to do is pick up the phone to schedule one, and then the chorale will take care of the dirty work. The chorale will handle the crooning, but they will also present your honey with a red rose and two tickets to the chorale’s spring concert. The cost is $75 for one song, $100 for two.

We talked with Deb Yeager for more information. Deb has sung with the chorale for 10 years and is a past member of its board of directors, so if anyone knows the details, she does. Deb’s also the one you call to schedule your singing surprise. Reach her at 731-2244.

How do people usually react when they get a singing valentine?
Most people just melt on the spot. It’s so wonderful to see their faces light up, but a few have burst into tears. The chorale was hired to walk into a classroom and serenade the teacher. Class was in session at the time, and the students’ reactions were priceless. Their jaws just dropped.

How many chorale members participate?
Last year, 15 male and female singers had so much fun and talked about “delivering happiness” so enthusiastically that now we have 26 voices! Our singing groups are smaller ensembles promising a memorable musical serenade.

If a singing valentine makes its way to a public space, does it tend to draw a crowd?
A couple who were serenaded at a restaurant last year said people at other tables started fighting over the singing valentines, wanting them to sing personally to them at their tables.

What are some popular song choices?
Five song choices are offered: “When I Fall I Love,” which was last year’s favorite, followed by “My Girl,” and “O, Eyes of My Beloved” – a madrigal (a romantic poem set to music, sung by several voices where there are two or more melodies sung simultaneously).
New additions include “The Way You Look Tonight” and “Happy Together.”

Where are the singing valentines sent most often?
People enjoy sending us to their valentines at work. It makes a splashy public declaration of love with an added blush factor. Restaurants are a popular choice, too. We’ll go anywhere.
Last year we also sang at a health fair, a nursing home, residential homes and a museum. We sang to couples, inpiduals and several groups having special parties. We sang to one man via the telephone, and, this year, we will Skype to the West Coast for someone’s special sweetheart.

What’s your favorite story involving singing valentines?
We sang to a couple dining in a restaurant, and this is what the recipient, Dr. Paul MacVittie, said: “Being married for 30 years, there are not many surprises my wife can pull on me. Not only was her [his wife, Robbin’s] singing valentine a statement of love, but without a doubt it was fun, beautiful and memorable! Every couple that was present in the restaurant was thinking, ‘Why didn’t we do something like that? The answer is simple – no one but Robbin knew they could. Unforgettable is an understatement!”

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