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Feb. 16 edition
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Road rage
John Doyle, 36, of Concord was arrested on Jan. 28 on charges of simple assault and resisting arrest.

Officer Steven Martel was driving north on South Street at approximately 3:47 p.m. when he reported that he saw two men fighting in the middle of the street. The men were later identified as Doyle and Devin Baillie, 32, of Concord.

Martel stopped his patrol car and asked the men to come over to talk to him. Martel wrote that Baillie cooperated and calmly walked toward him while Doyle continued screaming, swearing and walking around in a brisk manner.

After speaking with the two men and nearby witnesses, Martel determined that the fight began when a man cut Doyle off in his car. According to Martel’s report, Doyle began beeping and yelling and eventually got out of his Cadillac to threaten the driver.

This is when Baillie jumped in and told Doyle to get back into his car, Martel wrote. The two men started fighting until Martel showed up, breaking up the fight.

Martel told Doyle and Baillie that they were both going to be released on a small summons for simple assault. Baillie waited as Martel filled out the paperwork, but Doyle continued yelling and swearing, according to the report.

Martel wrote that he went back to filling out paperwork, but then saw Doyle and Sgt. James Berry – who had came for backup – fall to the ground. Martel assisted Berry in placing Doyle under arrest. Two pairs of handcuffs had to be used due to Doyle’s size, Martel wrote.

At the police station, Doyle continued having “mood swings” and told Martel he would not give out his Social Security number because he thought Martel would “steal the number and use it,” Martel wrote. Doyle also told Martel that he thought the police harassed him because he drove a Cadillac.

Doyle was released on a $1,000 personal recognizance bail. Both Doyle and Baillie are due in court on March 10.

Suspicious bruise
Heather Noyes, 29, of Concord was arrested on Feb. 3 on a charge of simple assault.
According to Master Police Officer Michael Kulak’s report, he was dispatched to the Cumberland Farms on Fisherville Road at 8:30 a.m. for the report of a domestic disturbance.

At Cumberland Farms, Kulak talked to a man who said that earlier that morning he had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend, Noyes, while in their bedroom at their Pinecrest Circle home. The man told Kulak that while the couple was arguing, Noyes head butted him on the top of his head. Kulak wrote in his report that the man had a small bump on his head.

Kulak then went to the couple’s house to speak with Noyes, but no one was home. Dispatch called Noyes’s cell phone and asked her to meet Kulak at Cumberland Farms. When she arrived, she verified that she and her boyfriend had been arguing earlier but told Kulak that she did not hit him.

Kulak wrote that while speaking to Noyes, he noticed a bruise on the bridge of her nose. When asked where the bruise came from, Noyes said she didn’t know anything about it.

Kulak arrested Noyes for domestic assault and brought her to the station. At the station, Noyes called someone about her bail. Kulak wrote that he overheard Noyes telling the person on the phone about her bruised nose.

Kulak said he heard her say that she didn’t know her nose was bruised, but thought it may have happened when her boyfriend threw a book at her, hitting her in the face. She then told the person that she didn’t think her boyfriend meant to hit her, Kulak wrote.

Kulak asked Noyes if she wanted to write a statement about the incident, but she said no.
At the time of the arrest, Noyes was living under the terms of bail set by the Concord District Court in December. Her bail requirements were, in part, that she remain on good behavior and not commit any local, state or federal crimes. Based on this she was also charged with contempt of bail.

Later her boyfriend came to the police department and dropped off $600 for Noyes’s bail, which was set at $500. He told the bail commissioner that Noyes could keep the remaining money. Noyes is due in court on March 2.


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