Book: Hunters Vs. Vampire Snow White

Hunters Vs. Vampire Snow White

By Amy Cornwell

(180 pages, YA fiction, 2019)

For fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Ready Player One. Can this group of demon hunters stop vampire Snow White and her Seven Deadly Sins before they raise demon king, Ravana?

Artemis is a loner. Video games are the only friends she needs. She’s a witch who’s been on the run since demons killed her family when she was a kid. She can’t stop, won’t stop, or they’ll get her, too. But when she meets a group of demon hunters she’s forced to press pause for the greater good. There’s a big baddie in town. One that requires the help of teammates — including a superstitious vampire, a Reaper, and an ex-siren. Because yes, you read that right, Snow White is a vampire. And her Seven Dwarves are more like the Seven Deadly Sins. How do you even kill a sin?

It has a fresh voice written in video game lingo, but there is a handy glossary in the back in case you aren’t familiar with the terms. People who don’t typically like this genre have still enjoyed reading this book and said they learned a lot about video games in the process. The characters are fun and will make you want to get to know them better. And for those of you who might think this story is too dark for you, the dark themes are offset by comedy.

In case you’re like, hey, the author’s name matches your name, are you trying to pull a fast one, missy? I am the author of this book. And yes, I highly recommend it for those who like vampires, witches, and fantasy. What I like best is it’s a quick read, which is so hard to find in fantasy. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like a lot of description, then this book is for you. So press start on your next adventure by checking this book out today.

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Amy Cornwell

Author: Insider Staff

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