Book of the Week: Cold Hard Truth: On Men, Women, and Money

Cold Hard Truth: On Men, Women, and Money

By Kevin O’Leary

(Nonfiction, 272 pages, 2013)


You know him as Mr. Wonderful on ABC’s Shark Tank. Now hear what his thoughts really are on his one true love, money. How does one of the well-known millionaires actually live and spend his beloved dollars?

This book has reader participation. Mr. Wonderful himself has you fill out an income and expenses list to get your true financial number. If your number happens to be negative, (like most of ours?), he will tell you all the top ways to flip it around to positive with actionable tasks.

He offers tips on how to navigate life. From kids to investing he’ll tell you what he really thinks. Is higher education really worth the cost? Is having a mortgage better than renting? Should you give your kids an allowance? His answers will surprise you.

Get a glimpse at how the other side lives. This book is written with a lot of personality. Kevin O’Leary talks to his readers in a surprisingly down-to-earth manner; he doesn’t talk down to you. Love him or hate him, he actually has some really good money advice. Take the bits that you want and start living your life a little more like one of the Sharks.

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Amy Cornwell

Author: Insider Staff

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