Tattoo Q&A: Buzz Ink’s John Easter


What is your background experience as a tattoo artist? 

I started my apprenticeship at Buzz Ink in 2015. I received my tattoo license in 2017, and have been here since.

How did you decide to pursue this profession?

I have always loved most forms of art, and I was obsessed with tattoos from the first time I saw one as a kid.

What is the process for the customer? Can they walk in off the street or do they have to meet with you sometime before? 

People can walk in for tattoos, but I personally prefer to schedule a appointment. I just feel like I am able to put a little more time into the design I am creating for someone, rather than possibly feel rushed by a waiting client.

What sort of research should a customer get in advance?

It is good to have a idea of what theme or object you are looking to get tattooed. Photos of styles, or looks of objects that you like are a major plus to bring in with you. Styles definitely vary.

Is there a tattoo location that is more popular?

In a perfect world, everyone would have a nice amount of space on their arm, or leg.

Is there a common type of tattoo you’ve been asked to cover up or alter?

Most commonly covered would be people just not researching the artist. Look at some of their work before hand to make sure you like their style, and they have good work.

What creative control do you have over what you draw? Do you advise people against getting something? Or what about if they want something explicit, gang-related or racist?

I would much rather have creative control of the design.

When people come in with a bad idea, I will tell them my honest, and personal opinion. Some people I will try to talk out of bad ideas, but if the idea is too bad, I will refuse.

I have no interest in doing any racist tattoos. I would be willing to cover racist tattoos for people for free.

Author: Insider Staff

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