Just imagine all that gold hanging around Tim’s neck

Sure, we could have done a pentathlon or a decathlon to decide the inaugural winner of the Insider Summer Olympics, but that wouldn’t really fit with our style.

So we battled our way through a septathlon (that’s seven events) to declare the grand champion of meaningless games around here.

While we expected it to be close – or at least much closer – it turned out to be a bit of a one-sided affair. But don’t worry, Jon will have a chance at redemption in two years when the winter games roll back around. Until then, Tim and his five gold medals are going to enjoy the thrill of this victory for as long as possible.


Event                                                                  Jon                                                      Tim

Low Dive                                                       Gold                                                    Silver

Foosball                                                        Silver                                                   Gold

Basketball                                                     Silver                                                   Gold

Discus                                                            Gold                                                    Silver

Golf                                                                Silver                                                   Gold

Table Tennis                                                Silver                                                    Gold

Balance Beam                                             Silver                                                     Gold

Author: Insider Staff

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