Get swept up by fantasy and folklore

Dealing with Dragons

By Patricia Werede

(224 pages, junior fiction, 1990)

Being a princess is boring. You’re not allowed to learn sword fighting, magic, or anything else fun. What’s the point? Princess Cimorene doesn’t want to be like her six perfect sisters. She’s different. She’s not cut out for this proper life. She’s a rule breaker. That’s what they’re there for, right?

Cimorene busts out of her castle prison and runs straight into a dragon, Kazul. But instead of cowering like a normal princess, waiting for a prince to save her, she strikes up a deal. Cimorene convinces the dragon to take her in as a servant to keep her from having to marry Prince Therandil and live a mundane life as his wife.

Kazul, a rule breaker herself, agrees. But Cimorene’s escape won’t be that easy. Prince Therandil comes looking for her, intent on slaying the dragon holding her prisoner. Meanwhile, wizards are up to no good, plotting against the dragons. Cimorene must use all her wits and skill to save the dragons and her freedom.

This book is excellently written. Wrede weaves magic and classic fairy tales into this story in the most interesting ways. Strong female characters jump off the page. The best part is, this is only book one.  You’ll become enchanted by the Enchanted Forest Chronicles.

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Amy Cornwell

Author: Insider Staff

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