Book review: Get swept away by great storytelling

The Name of the Wind

By Patrick Rothfuss

(Fantasty, 722 pages, 2008)

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As the roads become dangerous and foreign threats turn soldiers to mercenaries, a new menace stumbles upon the sleepy village of Newarre. But was it perhaps drawn there, seeking out a kingkiller in hiding? A bloodless, powerful man who has fought with angels?

Quiet innkeeper Kvothe may be more than he appears to the village patrons ordering beer at his bar. The demure man polishes glasses and serves drinks, yet stitches wounds and ensures the safest burial of a marauding “demon.”

Kvothe tells his own biographical story to a traveling Chronicler. He details his late youth, growing up in a troupe of artists and entertainers before they are slaughtered by the mysterious Chandrian. Orphaned Kvothe then lives in the woods and on the streets of Tarbean for years before an ancient story reaches beyond the veil of his trauma, propelling him to seek out the University and attempt to uncover reason behind the death of his parents.

A brilliant mind, gifted musician, and still traumatized teenager, Kvothe’s story brings his audience —both fictional and not— to tears and laughter alike.

This is a must-read for fantasy readers, but even those who simply appreciate any type of fiction are swept away in this spell-binding story. It is a story of loss, of healing, of hatred, of love, and of the music of the soul.

Through the gifted writing of author Patrick Rothfuss, what could otherwise be an enjoyable but standard piece of high fantasy about the education of a powerful wizard becomes the enthralling frame story of Kvothe the Arcane. This book is a masterpiece.

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Lindsey Hunterwolf

Author: Insider Staff

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