Missed Connections: Concord folks looking for love on Craigslist

And here we are again with another thrilling – and, at times, slightly disturbing – installment of Missed Connections, in which we find people in Concord looking for love in the most logical place – Craigslist.

The following listings were posted to the classified ad website within the past month or so. As always, we run these in all their unedited glory. Also as always, if you’ve ever found your love through Missed Connections, tell us the story by dropping an email to news@theconcordinsider.com. We’re still looking for our first-ever success story!


Jul 24 – “Flexible” (Concord)

That is your license plate. I saw you at the state offices and wanted to compliment you. Really cute. Love to chat. Let me know what kind of car you have to know it’s you.


Jul 22 – Beautiful Coffee Person – (Downtown Concord)

You are a tall, slender beauty with big blue eyes and you always look perfectly put together with your blonde hair cropped tight. I used to see you at Revelstoke and tried to catch your eye, but I have not seen you lately. I hope you haven’t left town.


Jul 19 – Market Basket, blue eyes, orange top (concord Fort Eddy)

I was in a rush :/ I had the green/blue tank top, black hair. You had really pretty blue eyes, and a bright orange top. If you’re free, let me know 🙂


Jul 19 – Dunkins girl (Exit 17)

We made eye contact a bunch today. Felt like there might have been something there. But you had customers waiting so I couldn’t act on it. I love what you did with your eyes.


Jul 18 – Concord Walmart Saturday evening (Concord)

You said to me that it seems like we kept bumping into each other in a few aisles. We talked a little bit, and I found you extremely beautiful but was too nervous to talk a lot. I did enjoy the view I got when you bent down to look at something, on purpose maybe? You had jean shorts and a black top on. If you are interested in talking or maybe more, you were looking for a certain bath item so you could go home. Can’t say too much on here, both of us were with others. Definitely made my night chatting with you. Let me know what that bath item was you found in front of me. Hope to hear from you.


Jul 17 – McD’s Loudon Rd (Concord)

To the beautiful blonde with the tattoo on the back of ur neck, running the front counter/register Wednesday night. I just have to tell u, u have the greatest/cutest smile. Felt there might be a connection/mutual interest… Let’s chat, maybe go for a coffee or drink…


Jul 17 – You said you were riding to Penacook (Downtown Concord)

We talked briefly downtown. You seemed to be taking a break, and I was parked near you. You were very friendly. A pleasure to talk to in fact! I was wishing I didn’t have someplace to be and my roof rack, just in case you could be persuaded to accept a ride. I hope you got caught in the rain as you wanted. I imagine you look even better all wet!

I’d love to hear from you. I immediately regretted not getting your name and contact info. Hope to see you again.


Jul 13 – Beautiful girl at wireless zone in Concord (Concord Heights)

I came in and you asked me what brought me in today? I thought you were stunningly beautiful! Let me know what I came in for and what I looked like. Maybe we can get together sometime.


Jul 7 – Hot Blonde walking Loudon Rd Sunday night (Concord)

You are a super hot blond. You were walking on Loudon Rd, around 6:15, crossing at the CVS intersection headed up Loudon RD towards the mall. Would love to take you out or bring you some flowers. Tell me what you were wearing so I know it’s you.


Jul 6 – We used to explore (Concord)

You were a much younger woman who enjoyed exploring fine lines with an older male. I have new roads to travel… come explore


Jul 5 – Sundance looking for Cassady (Concord)

You- a wicked sweetheart who works 110% of the time and has a killer smile

Me- an arguably adorable weirdo who wants to hang out with you

How we met- I asked you to shoot a video of my band. Later, you drove in a 3 hour long triangle to help me after my car broke down.

Will I ever see you again? If you see this and want to meet up – just say when/where. And then finish this sentence so I know it’s really you:

“Risk it for the ___”


Jul 2 – Shaws on Loudon rd (Concord nh)

Unbeliveable red head in black. You are breath taken you where at shaws today with your son if you where alone I would have told you so that you are very beautiful I came out to the parking lot and seen you loading your stuff into your trunk . You bought something in cash as I was in line behind you tell me what that was!??


Jul 2 – I found the trail (Concord, NH)

I found the trail we were both looking for! It leads to an awesome beach! I would love to hang out and swim with you if you’re interested! How many dogs did you have with you so I know it’s you.

I hope to hear from you!

Jul 1 – Concord PF (Concord)

We were in the treadmills next to one another on Monday July 1st around 6 ish. You had a nice outfit lean and Asian . I had a red shirt. Are you single?


Jun 26 – Woman in leggings on the back of crotch rocket (Concord nh south main st)

Love the way u where riding on the back of that guys motorcycle with those leggings on and your bright pink thong was showing threw 🙂 you looked stunning love to chat with u lets go for a ride if u think this is u or even if you do the same 😉 show offs


Jun 25 – Market Days , I had GoT pants and a tank top 🙂 (Concord)

I wore some black pants, and a greenish/bluish tank top. It was busy. I wasn’t planning on staying long, you were very cute, and had nice eyes (f)

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