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Central New Hampshire Bicycle Safety Coalition

Teens and tykes are safe on bikes with the YES Team

The teens of the Concord YES Team and Central New Hampshire Bicycle Coalition worked together to teach more than 70 youths how to ride their bikes safely - and look cool doing it - at the Concord Boys and Girls Club last week.The Concord YES Team is a program for high school students from the Concord area which develops… 0

August 28, 2012
Friends Program

Hey, Concord - ready to golf for a good cause?

The Friends Youth Mentoring Program has 169 reasons for you to pick up your golf clubs Sept. 10.The program serves area children in need of assistance by connecting them with mentors in the community, and Sept. 10 marks the 15th annual golf tournament benefiting the program. The event will be held at the Concord Country Club, beginning at 8 a.m.Last year the program successfully… 0

August 21, 2012

Lucy Morris on archery, meditation and Katniss

Lucy MorrisArchery instructor, New England School of Archery and SuppliesHow long have you been involved in archery? How long have you been an instructor?I did a little when I was a kid, but really started as an adult. I took lessons with Marcia Wyman, and she asked if I'd like to teach. And I actually said, 'No,… 0

April 24, 2012

Keith quivers at the sight of arrows

My interview with Lucy Morris, accomplished archer and the highest-level instructor of the sport in the area, was moving along rather pleasantly last Friday when she asked me, innocuously enough, if I'd like to journey outside and shoot a few arrows.Gulp.The first image that raced through my mind was me, casually… 0

April 24, 2012
Granite State Independent Living

Wheelchair tourney shoots to raise awareness

Granite State Independent Living had barely completed the announcement of an April 21 wheelchair basketball tournament to raise both money and awareness when USI, an insurance company and one of the group's partners, pledged its commitment to entering a team.That wasn't all they wanted to offer, though.USI,… 0

April 17, 2012

Rowing in the deep

Even as the roster ballooned to more than 60 students and the skill level began to rise appreciably, the members of Concord Crew couldn't shake the feeling that they were, well, sort of homeless.Though they wore the Concord colors with pride, they were schlepping off to Hooksett every day, sometimes as early as… 0

April 17, 2012

Bike swap rolls your way

The bike swap is coming and needs your help! Maybe you're tired of seeing all those bikes that you never ride lying around in the basement, garage, attic and backyard. Maybe you're ready to upgrade to nicer bike and aren't going to need your old one. Maybe you'd just like to support a really great organization… 0

April 17, 2012

Derby season is ready to roll

The women of Granite State Roller Derby will open their second season on April 7 at Everett Arena.The "Sibling Rivalry"-themed bout features a rematch against the Queen City Cherry Bombs, a team from New Hampshire Roller Derby of Manchester. Local favorite Captain Chet Lawson's Snake Oil Review will perform… 0

April 3, 2012

Insider Madness Update

If you're filling out your brackets at home (and with a chance at a $20 gift certificate on the line, why wouldn't you?), you've probably already seen the results of these games online. But, for those readers who aren't quite so tech-savvy, here's who advanced in our Insider Madness tourney:Tom… 0

March 27, 2012

Biker babes of Concord

With S & W Sports' 3rd annual bike swap coming up on May 14-15, and Commute Green New Hampshire (May 16-20) hot on its tail, the Insider rounded up Concord's coolest biker babes and asked them what it's like to cruise around town on their fancy rides. After all, Concord is currently the only city in… 0

May 10, 2011