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The case of the planted pic

Dear Ball and Chain,For weeks, I suspected that my girlfriend was going through my cell phone when I wasn't paying attention, no doubt checking pictures and text messages for any signs of straying on my part. Our relationship seems solid to me, but I let my frustration get the best of me and planted some pictures of another woman in my phone, hoping to bust my girlfriend for snooping.… 0

June 26, 2012
Ball & Chain

The things we do for love

Dear Ball and Chain,My brother and I were outside practicing kissing in the backyard. We weren't doing anything wrong, honest, just practice kissing for when we get older and get boyfriends and girlfriends. I'm gonna marry Justin Bieber and my brother is in LOVE with Selena Gomez. Anyway, the boy who lives… 0

May 1, 2012

Ball & Chain

Dear Ball & Chain,I recently moved into a retirement community. My next-door neighbor is my sponsor, a lovely woman who asks me in for drinks and meals and we walk the paths together. The problem is that she's an incessant talker, constant stories about her past, her family, the jobs she did, her aches and… 0

April 10, 2012
Ball & Chain

School Daze

Dear Ball and Chain,My boyfriend and I are headed off to college next year, and while we love each other, we agreed to see how things played out. But we were originally planning on attending different schools, until he recently started to hint that he might want to attend whatever school I choose. I feel it's really… 0

March 27, 2012
Ball & Chain

He's got a sugar mama

Dear Ball and Chain,I have been dating a woman for about a year, and the relationship is going great and entering the serious stage. We are both very happy, but I recently discovered from talking to a mutual friend that my girlfriend makes almost twice as much money as I do.Is she keeping this a secret so as not to… 0

March 13, 2012
Ball & Chain

What's your password, baby?

Dear Ball and Chain, I'm a sophomore in high school, and my boyfriend and I are getting pretty serious. We're definitely in love with each other, but we each get pretty jealous when the other talks to members of the opposite sex. The other day, my BF asked if we could share our Facebook and email passwords,… 0

January 24, 2012
Ball & Chain

Swinging with the neighbors?

Dear Casper and Bill,My wife and I recently moved to a new neighborhood, and we were invited to dinner with the couple next door. It was a very kind gesture, and they seemed like really nice people. But all night I sort of got the vibe that they were sizing us up. And a few days later while I was getting the mail,… 0

December 20, 2011
Ball & Chain

A well-tooled grease monkey

My girlfriend and I were recently hanging out with her (male) best friend from the time they were kids, who happens to be super-jacked and way more "manly" than I am. She mentioned that her car was having some issues and she wanted to get it checked, and I made sure to offer my services before Casanova chimed… 0

December 6, 2011
Ball & Chain

Toddlers, tiaras and the Ball & Chain

Dear Casper and Bill,I've been married for five years to my lovely wife. We have a beautiful almost-5-year-old daughter, and she means everything to us. However, recently my wife has started signing her up for beauty pagents, and it's kind of weirding me out. It's not the idea of the pageants themselves… 0

November 29, 2011
Ball & Chain

Dancing with the Ball and Chain

Dear Casper and Bill,I've been dating a girl for a little over two months now, and things couldn't be better. She makes me laugh, she's super attractive, and we always have fun when we go out. But the other night we were out at a bar with some of her co-workers and she started mercilessly making fun of… 0

November 22, 2011