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MOMS Club of Concord offers fun activities for mothers

This group of stay-at-home moms doesn't do a whole lot of staying at home.The MOMS Club of Concord, a local chapter of an international organization - MOMS stands for "Moms Offering Moms Support" - boasts a membership of almost 50 mothers and a calendar busier than most corporate executives.There can… 1

October 2, 2012

Help us choose Concord's mascot

As you may have read in the Monitor's Downtown column, the Chamber of Commerce is looking to rebrand Concord with a new slogan: "Creative Capital." That got us thinking: Maybe Concord should have a mascot, too!Whether it's an anthropomorphic stagecoach named Coachy, our own Insider mascots Svetlana and Gomez or just someone in a Tom Aspell costume (that someone:… 0

September 25, 2012
I want to go fast

Ducati club rides in Concord

Ducati Motorcycling enthusiasts from around New England - and as far away from New York - came to Concord for a motorcycle rally last week to celebrate what they feel is the artistic superiority of their machines.Held at the Sunoco station on Loudon Road, dozens of Ducati owners came to eat, socialize and brag about… 0

July 31, 2012

What a long, sassy trip it's been

We were digging through our archives the other day when it hit us: Man, we are getting old!Of course, newspapers age a little differently than human people do (and we human people take liberties with our own aging from time to time - this editor just celebrated his "funteenth" birthday - again!). At the Insider,… 0

July 24, 2012
a slice of history

Remembering the New Hampshire Highway Hotel

From political pop-ins to pepperoni pizza. The most efficient and effective use of the letter P that you've ever read? Precisely. But it also happens to be a very concise description of a major transition on Fort Eddy Road almost two decades ago.Allow us to elaborate.The New Hampshire Highway Hotel dominated Fort… 0

June 19, 2012

Get off the bench

The Friends Program has been matching volunteers with community members in need since 1975. Over the past decade, its fundraising auction has been an annual tradition for the Who's Who of Concord. This year will be no different. 0

April 24, 2012
Ella and Sophia

The punch buggy game explained

ELLA AND SOPHIA ARE BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!!!!! That's right! We're back! And more knowledgeable about vehicles than we were two years ago!Well, for one thing, we know that the gas coming out of cars is exhaust, not stuff to encourage people to ride bikes (although it might be that too). We learned that… 0

March 13, 2012

Rockin' out with the Capital Mineral Club

Gordon Jackson collected his first mineral sample in 1956, when he was 13 years old. But if you're looking for the moment it became clear he was destined to join the Capital Mineral Club, you have to fast-forward more than three decades."I got back into it in 1988, helping my kids with a science project,"… 0

November 15, 2011

Letters to the Insider

Dear Insiders,I have just finished reading this week's Insider. I am so perturbed that I am considering cancelling our subscription to the Monitor.With Craigslist available, why do we need a repeat on page 16?"Firefighter saw you" and "Applebee's Concord" has reached the depths of the cesspool of humankind.Kill the column.Disgusted,Brad MonkLouise Monk 0

September 6, 2011

Letter to the editor

It was delightful to see the outstanding photo story about Grace Church's Pork Fest in the Aug. 16 Insider. This was a free feast for attendees. Any monetary contributions went directly to our "Take a Tote" program for feeding hungry school children. We would like to add one important acknowledgement to the story, namely our gratitude to Tony and Deb Heath, proprietors… 0

August 30, 2011