The quiz issue

Dec 13, 2010
2:57 PM

Remembering the princess restaurant . . .

Last week, we asked you to share memories of the Princess Restaurant. Here’s what you said: “From the l920s to the early l960s, an enterprising couple, Christ and Madeline Mamos, built a grocery store and filling station with tourist cabins on Fisherville Road (which links West Concord to Penacook). In the same area, over the years, they built a sandwich shop called The Red Rooster,…

Dec 13, 2010
3:01 PM

This week in Concord history

- Dec. 14, 1955: A train conductor uncoupling an engine from the freight train in Concord gets his foot caught between the rail and guard rail and is then run over by the train and crushed to death, the Coos Republican reports. - Dec. 15, 1987: Just before noontime, Gary Hart and his wife Lee stroll onto the State House Plaza, where the media horde waits. After having dropped out in May because of highly publicized womanizing, Hart announces that he is back in the Democratic race for president. “I have the power of ideas,” he says, “and I can govern this country.” - Dec. 15, 1836: The Legislature…

Dec 13, 2010
3:04 PM
Nature 101

Exploring the Winant Park trails

The Winant Park trails of Concord are delightfully rugged, and the reward for reaching the top is a breathtaking panoramic view of the New Hampshire landscape, including the State House and the St. Paul’s School campus, with mountains on the far horizon. The rock-strewn picturesque pathways are what you would expect in a typical New England forest, and the rocks make good stepping…

Dec 13, 2010
2:25 PM

The Bulletin Board

Got love for stamps? The Merrimack County Stamp Collectors’ monthly meeting will be held at Bow Mills United Methodist Church, 505 South St., Bow, on Dec. 21 at 1:30 p.m. All people interested in stamp collecting are invited to attend. For more information, contact Dan Day at 228-1154. - DAN DAY High school seniors, $1,000 could be yours The Faith, Hope and Love Foundation will be awarding its fourth annual $1,000 college scholarship to a deserving high school senior. The candidate must: - Be a high school senior in New Hampshire and a citizen. - Not be involved in or accused of any illegal…

Dec 13, 2010
3:05 PM

Who were these people anyway?

Christa McAuliffe, Abbot-Downing and Mill Brook. This whole naming process of the school district’s fancy new elementary schools got us wondering how some streets, schools and buildings in town got their names. And what do we do when we have a question, readers? That’s right, we go to you. We want you to tell us the stories behind these six folks who were apparently special enough…

Dec 13, 2010
2:27 PM
Concord Public Library

Book of the week

"Tea and Dog Biscuits" Barrie Hawkins 2009, 254 pages Nonfiction Barrie and Dorothy Hawkins decided to start a rescue of German shepherd dogs after losing their beloved dog, Elsa. They planned to start slowly, but while Dorothy is in the hospital, Barrie finds that the word is already out about their plan. Dorothy arrives home to not one new rescue dog, but two! One is a massive, energetic black dog from a homeless man, and the other is a quiet all-white dog named Pearl. Pearl’s young owner was terminally ill and couldn’t keep her. Barrie couldn’t say no to either. There are some heartbreaking…