The quiz issue

Dec 13, 2010
2:31 PM

Where the Insider goes, nobody knows!

“My wife and I just came back from a Caribbean cruise with Holland America,” Ralph Nickerson of Chichester wrote. “This is a photo of me on the ship with Half Moon Cay in the background. The weather was great with temps in the 90s. We are ready to go again.” Planning a trip soon? Don’t forget to bring your trusty Insider with you. Send your travel pictures to…

Dec 13, 2010
2:33 PM
Reader-submitted photo

Is it summer yet?

If you weren’t already yearning for warmer weather, check out this photo sent in by Lauren Smith, 16, of Pembroke. Lauren told us that she loves taking pictures and snapped this one in North Carolina at Sunset Beach. “It’s of my two sisters and me at sunrise,” she wrote. Sigh. It’s only December here in New Hampshire. When is winter going to be over? Or when is the Insider…

Dec 13, 2010
2:36 PM

City briefly

Complete this sentence: City Manager Tom Aspell . . . a. Writes a weekly memo. b. Likes long walks on the beach. c. Wears glasses. d. All of the above. If you guessed “d” you are correct! Well, we’re not positive if he likes long walks on the beach, but who wouldn’t enjoy that? Here are the highlights from this week’s memo: Be careful on the ice “Caution ice-skaters!!” Tom wrote. We know he means serious business due to the double exclamation points. “Despite the recent cold weather, the Grounds Division would like to remind everyone that the newly formed ice on the city’s ponds…

Dec 13, 2010
2:41 PM
The Grammarnator

Back with a vengence

The Grammarnator can’t resist returning when the Insider raises, on facing pages of the same issue, the perennial problem of how to punctuate a sentence containing “but.” I refer to the articles on obesity and on the coolness of Concord in the Mary Baker Eddy issue. The former has “all the money was originally going to the C.H.A.D. foundation but, now the money is going to a club member in need.” The latter presents “I was born in New Hampshire, but grew up in the Seattle area. . . .” The winner is Katy Brown Solsky, returned to the Granite State after those benighted years in the…

Dec 13, 2010
2:43 PM


Because we don’t want Mary Baker Eddy’s ghost haunting us, we have a few corrections to make on last week’s article about the Christian Science founder: - The title of Eddy’s book is “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” not “Science and Health with Key Elements to the Scriptures.” - At one point, Eddy’s Pleasant View property was a retirement home for Christian Science practitioners and nurses. We wrote “practitioners and followers.” This took place during the 1970s, not the 1790s. - The sub-headline “We swing by Mary Baker Eddy’s former residence on N. Main…

Dec 13, 2010
2:46 PM

En garde! Fencing club emphasizes fun, skills

Tracy Nabstedt grew up the same way many little kids do: sword fighting with branches and broomsticks in the backyard. Most of those Saturday swashbucklers end up dropping the branches in favor of briefcases, but not Nabstedt. He’s the man behind the iron mask at the Concord Fencing Club, which he’s owned and operated since its inception in 1998, and he’s been able to make a career…