The people behind your pizza issue

Jun 30, 2010
11:02 AM

Police Log

Prohibited conduct in White Park On June 24 about 1:43 a.m., Officer Almendin Dzelic was on foot patrol in the area of Washington and Rumford Streets. As he approached White Park, he noticed two vehicles in the parking lot. The park, he noted in his report, closes at 11 p.m. As he approached the vehicles, he heard voices coming from one, he wrote. “When I got closed to (the vehicle), I noticed two naked male subjects and one naked female subject sitting in the back of the vehicle with the seats folded down,” Dzelic wrote. All three were covered by a blanket, he said. When asked their ages,…

Jun 30, 2010
11:08 AM
Missed Connections

'Your beauty froze me'

Craigslist romance seekers attempt to woo potential mates in their own, unedited, (sometimes creepy) words. Cumbys I-89, I-93 junction pumping gas (m4w) you were pumping gas approx 5pm, wearing light blue scrubs. You had a white mid size car. As I came out of the store our eyes met, I said hi and so did you. I wanted to walk right up and say more but confidence failed me. You are beautiful and would like to find if the inner beauty matches the outer. If you see this drop me a line tell me a little about me to let me know its you. You held door while I grabbed beer at 7/11 (m4w) I know you probably…

Jun 30, 2010
11:11 AM

City briefly

Fun on the fourth Get your sparklers and glow necklaces ready, because in this week’s memo, City Manager Tom has some exciting news for you. “Due to a very successful fundraising campaign, the recreation department is happy to announce that this year’s July 4 celebration will go on,” Tom wrote, clearly giddy. Activities will start at 5:30 p.m. at Memorial Field with music from WJYY. At 8 p.m., there will be a Never’s Band concert with a fireworks show starting after dusk. A complete event schedule will be available on June 30 at Tom wanted to thank the following…

Jun 30, 2010
11:15 AM

Sheesh, get a room!

These two were partaking in some PDA and like a member of the paparazi, Debbie LaValley caught them in the act. “I was walking by Horseshoe Pond and noticed these two cedar waxwings passing a berry or seed back and forth and doing a little dance up and down the branch,” Debbie wrote. “I’m not sure if this was a courtship thing or if they were just sharing. Cedar waxwings are…

Jun 30, 2010
11:18 AM
Tweet, tweet

Baby robins: So ugly, they're almost cute

Last month we got this e-mail from Teresa Gladstone: Recently as I left my office, a bird came shooting out of the bush next to the door. It made me jump a foot off the ground. When I came back and started to pass the bush, the same thing happened . . . . I checked through a couple of small opening in the branches but found nothing. I shared this strange behavior and my speculation on…

Jun 30, 2010
11:27 AM

The great summer splashdown

When the city’s seven pools opened a few weeks ago, we knew we needed experts to help us test the waters. We called our trusty soon-to-be fifth-grade correspondents Ella Fabozzi and Sophia Johnson (formerly known as the second-grade, third-grade and fourth-grade correspondents). After a months-long hiatus, we put them to work on the ultimate assignment: The great summer splashdown…