The International Women's Day issue

Mar 05, 2013
11:09 AM

Want to hang with Concord’s ladies? Join the club

In honor of International Women’s Day (March 8), we chatted with the many women’s organizations around town. Concord has a growing, vibrant community of women’s groups and we are happy to share them with you!The Woman’s Club of ConcordThe Woman’s Club of Concord is perhaps the longest-standing of all the local groups. Unfortunately, as recently as seven…

Mar 05, 2013
11:34 AM
Girls Inc. Girl of the Month

Jillian Zube hates homework but loves iPad Minis

 We caught up with a recent “Girl of the Month” at Girls Inc., a fun after-school program that helps girls achieve their personal best through one-on-one attention, leadership development, enrichment programs, and a caring family environment. Each month, girls and staff choose a “Girl of the Month” who exemplifies their motto, “Strong. Smart. Bold.” This month’s winner…

Mar 05, 2013
11:41 AM
A & E scene

Concord artist Vanessa Leigh has found her Muse in Manchester

Mankind has been searching for decades to find the perfect item to pair with each distinct variety of wine. We even invented a job dedicated solely to winesnobbery in the sommelier. It seems Vanessa Leigh of Concord and her business partners have ended that quest and found the ideal match for any wine variation. Acrylic paint. Leigh opened Muse Paintbar on Hanover Street in Manchester…

Mar 05, 2013
11:46 AM
The Food Snob

Another way to ingest Girl Scout Cookies? We are prepared for that

 The Food Snob received a wildly intriguing email this week tipping us off to a new culinary delicacy in town for one month only. Seems that the Common Man is offering a Thin Mints Avalanche Sundae in partnership with local Girl Scouts. Since we’d yet to lay our hands on any Girl Scout cookies thus far in 2013 – and, let’s face it, because it’s a chance to…

Mar 05, 2013
11:57 AM

Thomas Driscoll’s “A Sense of Place” on display at McGowan Fine Art

McGowan Fine Art is located at 10 Hills Ave. For more information, visit or call 225-2515. Thomas Driscoll’s “A Sense of Place” runs through March 15.

Mar 05, 2013
11:44 AM
Overheard in Concord

Bloody claws and Christmas hot dogs

Welcome to the inaugural installment of Overheard in Concord! For this new feature, we have been collecting the most interesting things that we hear while we’re wandering the streets of Concord. If you overhear something that we simply must run in the Insider, email it to with “Overheard” in the subject line. Check it out! ∎ “They looked like claws – bloody claws, at that.” ∎ “Nothing says Christmas like a hot dog.” ∎ “I wouldn’t trust anyone to shave my face like that!”


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