The grilling issue

Jun 25, 2013
12:17 PM
Concord coalition to end homelessness

Walk a mile (or 3) in someone else’s shoes

There’s more than one picture of homelessness. Most of the images in the public’s consciousness feature sedentary subjects, people holding cardboard signs at stoplights or paper cups to deposit change in. The assistance offered in those situations is often equally idle – casually handing a bill out a car window or plucking some change from a back pocket. The reality is that many…

Jun 25, 2013
11:06 AM
concord rec. dept.

Runners’ club hits the road

There are those who believe there are just two kinds of people in the world – runners, and people who think runners are crazy. Erin Girzone is the former, and having teamed with Peter Larson and the Concord Recreation Department, she’s working on the latter, hoping to make the sport of running accessible to everyone, one K at a time.Girzone and Larson just completed the second…

Jun 25, 2013
11:40 AM
The man behind the mustard

Blackwater Hot and Sweet Mustard is so hot right now – feel the burn!

Steve Cybulski had been eating his family’s mustard for years before he started making it himself, bottling it and selling it as Blackwater Mustard. But for the first decade or so, he couldn’t even handle the heat! “It was almost too much,” Cybulski said. The old family mustard recipe would pop up at every get-together, holiday and reunion, but it wasn’t until he hit his…

Jun 25, 2013
11:44 AM

Meat man of the week: Rob Darling answers a decades-old question for us

Name: Rob DarlingCo-owner, Concord Beef and Seafood What got you into the meat business? I used to have a seafood business, and then I went and worked for a meat company, so I just kind of took the two and started this and asked my friends to be partners in the business with me. What kind of training is involved in becoming a butcher? The industry has definitely changed. We…

Jun 25, 2013
11:20 AM

The Food Snob: We dash, then dine on some Nadeau’s grub

Everybody in the entire world loves some good old-fashioned grilled food from time to time. That is an irrefutable science-based fact that we just don’t have time to research and cite right now. Take our word for it, will you?! Sometimes, though, you don’t have the energy to grill up an awesome meal for yourself. In that case, leave the grilling to the professionals. We did just…


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