The Concord TV issue

Mar 30, 2010
1:49 PM
The Revelator

Silk production in Concord

Have you ever wondered where Silk Farm Road got its name? You probably know this road best as being home to the New Hampshire Audubon’s McLane Center. It stretches from Dunbarton Road to the Bow line, where it turns into Albin Road. It boasts a few state forests, Turkey Pond and plenty of trails. By all accounts, it should be called “State Forest Road” or “Wildlife Way.” Or…

Mar 30, 2010
1:51 PM
Wine of the week

Zinfandel, anyone?

File this in the category of why being an Insider is so much fun. Last Friday, we ducked out of our cubicle early to stop by the New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlet on Storrs Street to sample wine. Best of all, we didn’t get into any trouble for it. We were there to try the Inscription Limited Edition Old Vine Zinfandel and Petite Sirah – two varieties blended exclusively for New Hampshire by well-known vintner…

Mar 30, 2010
1:53 PM

Who are these cuties?

We have a mystery for you to solve, readers: Who are these cute kids posing in front of a fire truck (and modeling fire gear)? The photo was taken in the ’60s or ’70s, if that helps narrow it down. If you can help identify these kiddos, e-mail or call 369-3378.

Mar 30, 2010
1:53 PM
Concord Public Library

Book of the week

Visit to peruse the online card catalog. "Energy Every Day" Ron Woods and Chris Jordan 2010, 235 pages Nonfiction The authors of this well-researched book aim to help individuals of all ages increase their personal energy levels. The book consists of three distinct sections. The first section examines the importance of energy management, the roles of nutrition, hydration, sleep and movement…

Mar 30, 2010
2:14 PM
Awesome 6th-grader of the week

Concord, meet Kaylee Lane: all-around good kid and dedicated dancer

It’s not often that adults consider an 11-year-old to be a role model – it’s usually the other way around. But Kaylee Lane, a 6th grader at Rundlett Middle School, is definitely worth looking up to, no matter your age. Recently, Kaylee was accepted to a jazz and ballet summer intensive program held at the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School in New York City. The four-week program…

Mar 30, 2010
1:26 PM

Get to know Concord Community TV

In a world where 24 hours worth of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute, Concord TV is helping the community stay on top of the trend with training and opportunities to develop skills. The local access station is doing big things for residents, nonprofits and businesses and wants you to know about it. The station was founded 10 years ago in a 950-square-foot space at Concord High…