The Concord memes issue

Nov 27, 2012
11:27 AM

Get online and check out these Concord memes!

 If you have a computer, you’ve seen them – memes are everywhere. In fact, the word even made it into the Oxford English Dictionary! meme (noun): an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations. And it’s not just crazy cats and e-cards anymore; the newest,…

Nov 27, 2012
11:38 AM

Yoga coalition trains new instructor crew

 At Om Yoga on Main Street recently expanded its reach to include a new, smaller studio alongside the main space in Phenix Hall. So owner and instructor Asa Dustin figured why not train enough people to fill it right up? At Om completed its most successful teacher training program ever recently, sending 40 students into the world of yoga instruction, and several of those students…

Nov 27, 2012
12:25 PM

Adventure shopping

Since Ocean State Job Lots’ slogan is ‘adventure shopping,’ we headed down to find the most adventurous items.

Nov 27, 2012
11:18 AM
Jeweler of the week

Cheryl Scaramuzzi talks birthstones, bracelets and the bling factor

 Name: Cheryl ScaramuzziJeweler, Capitol Craftsman and Romance Jewelers How long have you been a jeweler? How did you get started in the field?I’ve been at Capitol Craftsman for 16 years, but the business has been in Concord for more than 30. The owner, Sue McCoo, is kind of like my corporate mom. I just loved the store, loved everything about it, so I decided it would…

Nov 27, 2012
11:23 AM
Retro police log

Take those cakes and beat it, pal

 The Concord Police Department gave us access to some recently unearthed logbooks dating back all the way to the turn of the century. We thought it was a fascinating way to see what Concord was like way back when. Jan. 5, 1940: Called to Thirty Pines to take out a drunk. When I got there, he was gone. Was over to Piekerman’s home, #3 Borough Road. He is Piekerman’s step-father. He had taken some cakes off the counter and beat it. Jan. 7, 1940: Call to Fred Heath’s home, Canal St. Family row. Feb. 13, 1940: Mrs. Massie called and wanted me to come up there.…

Nov 27, 2012
12:12 PM
Fez dispensers

Stopping by the Shriners Feztival of Trees

The Insider found the Christmas spirit at the Bektash Shriners Feztival of Trees.


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