The Concord Literary Festival issue

Oct 19, 2010
2:40 PM

Your guide to the Concord Literary Festival

Wednesday, Oct. 20 - The Concord Literary Festival gets under way on the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 20, with a “pen to play” workshop. “Petite Plays: Pen to Performance,” conducted by Dana Biscotti Myskowski, is a writing, directing and enhanced stage-reading series of workshops, culminating in two performances. In this three-part workshop, participants write three-page plays,…

Oct 19, 2010
2:48 PM

This week in Concord history

- Oct. 20, 1814: The first boat of the Merrimack Boating Co., later the Boston & Concord Boating Co., arrives in Concord. Northbound commercial cargo will include sugar, molasses, rum and finished goods. The boats will carry lumber, firewood, potash (for soap) and granite south to Quincy Market. - Oct. 20, 1957: A thousand people attend the ceremony dedicating Concord’s new Rundlett Junior High School in the South End. After a tour, most express satisfaction with the $1.4 million school. - Oct. 20, 1908: Forest fires all around Concord fill the streets with smoke. Farmers’ wells are running…

Oct 19, 2010
2:52 PM

Five lit fest events you shouldn’t miss

Get spooked New Hampshire horror stories will be read 5 to 7 p.m. Friday at the Barley House on Main Street. Authors in the newly published, “Live Free or Undead,” will read from this collection of horror stories that take place in New Hampshire. Scheduled writers are Becky Rule, “The Haze,” James Patrick Kelly, “The Waiting Room,” Brendan DuBois, “Uneasy Lies the Head,” Ernesto Burden, “Live Free or Undead,” David O’Keefe, “Wonders in the Woods,” Kristopher Seavey, “Little Ones,” Elaine Isaak, “Memento Mori,” and Jason Allard, “Love in the Time of Zombies.”…

Oct 19, 2010
2:55 PM

Downtown businesses get poetic

Who knew that Starbellies and Things are Cooking could be so gosh-darn poetic? Sarah Chaffee did, apparently. Chaffee, gallery director and partner of McGowan Fine Art, has been pushing to get poetry in downtown merchants’ windows for years. It all started with a visit to the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. Chaffee found herself drawn to these large plexiglass plates hanging with brackets off of the museum’s railings. On them was poetry. “I thought they were stunning,” she said of the plates. She decided that the idea would look just as lovely in Concord. But instead of plexiglass…

Oct 19, 2010
3:10 PM
Look who's coming to Concord

A conversation with author Firoozeh Dumas

When Concord Reads selected Iranian-born Firoozeh Dumas’s memoirs about life in America (“Funny in Farsi” and “Laughing Without an Accent”), the committee kept their fingers crossed that they would be able to persuade the best-selling author to come to Concord during the New Hampshire Writers’ Project’s literary festival. It didn’t take much convincing. Not only is Dumas a huge supporter of local…

Oct 19, 2010
11:26 AM

City briefly

The Dame School Community Center? To celebrate the Concord Literary Festival, we’d like to provide you with this fine piece of reading material: the highlights from City Manager Tom Aspell’s weekly memo. “Save the date!” Tom wrote with excitement (hence the exclamation point), “The Concord School District together with the City of Concord will be hosting a community forum on Oct. 25 at 7 p.m. at the Dame School, 14 Canterbury Road, in the cafeteria.” According to Tom, the forum is being held to discuss the possible conveyance of the Dame School to the city for the purpose of developing…