The Church Scavenger Hunt Issue

Feb 18, 2014
5:43 PM

The ‘Insider’ takes you to church

It’s time for the latest wildly-enthralling ‘Insider’ scavenger hunt! We snapped pictures of a handful of our city’s churches, and now it’s on you to find them all. Email your answers to and we’ll reward the person who gets the most correct with a $20 gift certificate to the Concord business of their choice. Time’s a-wastin,’ so get hunting!

Feb 18, 2014
5:26 PM
The brains behind the operation

Meet the Concord High Granite State Challenge team

 Keith and Tim test their knowledge against the professionalsConcord High School was recently eliminated by Portsmouth Christian Academy, 360-165, in the round of 16. But do they know more than Keith and Tim? Um, yeah. Team members and Keith and Tim – buzzers in hand – were asked 16 questions straight from the Super Sunday quiz. So how many did the ‘Insider’ staff answer correctly before…

Feb 18, 2014
5:12 PM
Kissing literacy issues Dubai

Concord educators go international to aid Dubai reading center staff

It was a request Cheri McManus and Dianne Melim never expected. The co-owners and directors of Learn To Read Tutoring Associates in Concord have worked with school districts all over New Hampshire, New England and down the eastern seaboard. So it’s safe to say they don’t mind traveling around. Yet this contract would require the longest commute of their 10 years on the job – 14…

Feb 18, 2014
5:29 PM
Pharmacist of the week

Chad Beane prescribes the perfect remedy for ‘Insider’ withdrawal

 Name: Chad BeaneOwner of Granite State Pharmacy, formerly Modern Pharmacy, at 5 Clinton St. Beane and his family took over the business last summer and remodeled the store. How long have you worked in pharmaceuticals? How did you get started in the business? Fifteen years. And that’s a question that I have always had a hard time answering. I’m really not sure.…

Feb 18, 2014
4:59 PM
Peanut butter and Tuna by the cases

Capital Region Food Program enters fourth decade of fighting hunger

It’s been 40 years since Maria Manus Painchaud’s father started the Holiday Food Basket Program. Mark Manus saw a need to help the capital region’s hungry, so he began collecting food donations to hand out around the holidays. Since that first year in 1974, the holiday program has grown by leaps and bounds, shelling out tons upon tons every year. But soon the realization came that…

Feb 18, 2014
5:03 PM
Shelling out some advice

Dos Amigos isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel – just the taco

Dos Amigos changed the taco game forever when it introduced $2 Taco Tuesday, perhaps the singles greatest advancement in human face-stuffing during the current century. And guess what? Those mad Dos scientists are at it again (Does that mean there are only two scientists? Now we’ve gone and confused ourselves.) Dos has changed it’s tacos, from the previous burrito-type offering…


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