The Christmas sweater issue

Dec 24, 2013
9:28 AM
Bartender, make mine a double

Mary Hopf brings the jewelry to you in the mobile Moonshine Truck

Mary Hopf knew she wanted to open a jewelry store. It was something she’d thought about a lot in recent years, and this summer was when Hopf expected her dream to finally turn into a reality. She just never envisioned her store would be on four wheels and live in the back of a utility truck. The Moonshine Truck, which for you booze hounds out there does not have or sell any alcohol…

Dec 24, 2013
9:20 AM
All in favor say eye

Thomas Devaney’s art studio is watching you

If you’ve stopped at the intersection of Pleasant and Main streets after dark lately, you may have had the feeling you were being watched. And you probably were. By a giant 3-dimensional projected eyeball. Thomas Devaney’s studio at 3 Pleasant St. has always overlooked downtown Concord, but it’s never done so more literally. As part of his experimentation with 3D video mapping…

Dec 24, 2013
11:34 AM
Ornaments on Display

NHTI alum has Christmas covered with her latest work

NHTI alum Cori Crumb has her jewelry and holiday bulbs on display and for sale in the community college’s library through the end of December.

Dec 24, 2013
9:33 AM
’Tis the Season to Give

Holiday dinner at Grappone Center continues to feed those in need

Steve Duprey modeled his Concord Community Holiday Dinner after Louie Smirnioudis’s annual Thanksgiving feast. Smirnioudis, the late owner of the Windmill Restaurant, opened his doors for years to those in need on turkey day. And Duprey thought that same group of people would be looking for a hot meal on Christmas. “I admired what he did on Thanksgiving,” said Duprey. With the Friendly Kitchen closed on Christmas, Duprey put together the inaugural free dinner five years ago at the Grappone Conference Center, and the attendance showed there was a need. “This gives them a day off,” said…

Dec 24, 2013
11:23 AM

The hottest new properties in gingerbread real estate

Chandler’s held gingerbread workshops for adults and children over the last two weekends, and we unearthed some of the best! So we present in the captions our favorite elements from each house.


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