The Christmas Issue

Dec 20, 2010
3:14 PM
Ball & Chain

All I want for Christmas is Casper & Bill

Dear Casper and Bill, I need to get my boyfriend’s parents a snazzy Christmas present but I’m stumped. They’re pretty wealthy and seem to have everything they need. Any ideas of something small and sweet to get for them this holiday season? Dear stumped-no-more: We have the perfect solution to relieve you of deciding on something useless think about this. I’m only 5’ 6” ..considered…

Dec 20, 2010
3:17 PM
My year abroad

A different kind of festivity

I’m sitting in the airplane on my way to North Carolina. It’s great – not just the plane, but this whole journey. The U.S. is so big and I’m just very happy to say that I have already visited five states. It may sound very fancy when people from Europe talk about all the countries they have visited, but it’s not! I just need one hour to the Netherlands and two hours to Paris with the car. London is just…

Dec 20, 2010
3:21 PM

Missed Connections

That’s right – we’re bringing your favorite unedited, anonymous pick-up lines from Craiglist’s Missed Connections. Merry Christmas. Mcdonald’s Drive-thru Window - m4w - 34 (Concord Heights) I went through the drive thru last night and you were running the register at the first window. You had an issue with your drawer not working correctly when I came to the window. You are very sexy, with dark hair and a beautiful smile. I would really like to talk sometime, I hope you read this and respond. Bye. Cooking store - m4w - 39 (concord) you talked me into buying a new item and had a cool…

Dec 20, 2010
3:23 PM

This week in Concord history

Dec. 21, 1998: The Concord City Council orders City Manager Duncan Ballantyne to review the process used to rename 31 city streets after a prolonged furor over the issue. Ultimately, they say, some streets may revert to their old names. Dec 22, 1862: Nine days after the 5th New Hampshire Infantry was cut to pieces at the Battle of Fredericksburg, Captain James Larkin of Concord writes his wife back home that “there are several Concord people out here since the fight. . . . They had better come before a fight and bring a musket. They would do more good.” Dec. 23, 1865: Home at last eight months…

Dec 20, 2010
3:41 PM

What do you hate about Christmas?

Okay, so we know Christmas is supposed to be about love and warmth and happiness, but there are some things about it we downright don’t like. Long lines, cranky salespeople, traffic and hypercommercialization of the holiday season are a few of our least favorite things this time of year. Suspecting we weren’t alone in our discontent, we took to the mean streets to ask people what they hate most about Christmas.…

Dec 20, 2010
2:23 PM

The Bulletin Board

A gift for book worms Are you looking for a gift idea for the holidays? Why not donate a book to the Concord Public Library or the Penacook branch in honor of someone special! Gift cards are available at the library for a $20 minimum donation per card. You’ll receive a card and envelope so you can announce your gift to the recipient. A book plate, chosen and inscribed by you, will be placed in a brand new book. For more information, call 225-8670. - CONCORD PUBLIC LIBRARY Rice, beans, charity Attention, burrito lovers. Your affection for rice, beans and salsa can help a good cause this week.…