The Christmas Issue

Dec 20, 2010
2:47 PM

City Briefly

You know Dasher and Dancer, and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen – but do you recall, the most famous city manager of all? Since you’ve been such good little girls and boys this year, we bring you the highlights of City Manager Tom Aspell’s weekly memo. Merry memo-ing! New police officers On Dec. 10, two brand spankin’ new police officers were sworn in as members of the Concord Police Department. Here’s the scoop on the two newbies: According to the memo, Officer Andrea Wright grew up in Boscawen and attended Merrimack Valley High School. She graduated from Castleton…

Dec 20, 2010
2:52 PM

Remembering Newberry’s

“This building is now the Burlington Coat Factory. It started as Newberry’s, then became Britts, then Ames, then Zayres. Many people remember it as Britts when it had the Polly Susan Bakery inside, but very few remember that it was first a Newberry’s store,” writes reader Alfred Perron, who sent us this photo. What do you remember about Newberry’s, or the Polly Susan Bakery,…

Dec 20, 2010
2:56 PM

The Grammarnator: Back with a vengeance

This week the Grammarnator takes a moment to mourn the passing of two handy words: “there are.” They seem to have been replaced everywhere by “there’s.” Had I been keeping a list during the last year of all the times I’ve read and heard “there’s” when it should have been “there are,” the number might be in triple digits. The example in the Insider last week popped up in the first paragraph of the informative article about downtown art, which told me that “there’s some talented people running around the city.” I’m sure that if the writer had eschewed the contraction,…

Dec 20, 2010
3:00 PM

OMG! It's pet night with Santa!

Last week at the Steeplegate Mall, Santa spent some quality time with his furry friends during animal night. These photos, sent to us from reader Jane Toumpas show Santa with Tony Soprano Pony and Sullivan O'Toumpas, the black Lab. Santa got hungry, so Sullivan shared his rubber chicken.

Dec 20, 2010
3:05 PM

Police Log

Stealing from the Salvation Army kettle On Dec. 14, about 1 p.m, Officer Matthew Nelson was dispatched to Market Basket on Ft. Eddy Road to assist the Concord Fire Department with a Salvation Army bell ringer who appeared intoxicated and was acting strangely. When Nelson arrived, he saw a man, later identified as John Fitzpatrick, 46, of Concord walking away from the firefighters and heard him say, “Leave me alone.” Nelson followed Fitzpatrick through the parking lot and could smell an “obvious odor of alcohol” coming from Fitzpatrick, who appeared unsteady on his feet, Nelson wrote.…

Dec 20, 2010
3:08 PM
The Revelator

Why must I separate?

A while back, reader Jim Place from Penacook e-mailed us the following: “I have a question about the trucks picking up our recycling. In Concord we’re supposed to separate paper and cardboard from cans and bottles, but I noticed that they are all dumped into one bin on the truck and mixed together in the truck. Why separate?” Well, Jim Place from Penacook, we would have gotten back to you sooner but we were busy dividing up our empty eggnog cartons from our bare bottles of rum. And when we weren’t doing that, we were drinking the said eggnog and rum. Sick of the creamy spiked beverage,…