The Christmas Issue

Dec 20, 2010
3:41 PM

What do you hate about Christmas?

Okay, so we know Christmas is supposed to be about love and warmth and happiness, but there are some things about it we downright don’t like. Long lines, cranky salespeople, traffic and hypercommercialization of the holiday season are a few of our least favorite things this time of year. Suspecting we weren’t alone in our discontent, we took to the mean streets to ask people what they hate most about Christmas.…

Dec 20, 2010
2:23 PM

The Bulletin Board

A gift for book worms Are you looking for a gift idea for the holidays? Why not donate a book to the Concord Public Library or the Penacook branch in honor of someone special! Gift cards are available at the library for a $20 minimum donation per card. You’ll receive a card and envelope so you can announce your gift to the recipient. A book plate, chosen and inscribed by you, will be placed in a brand new book. For more information, call 225-8670. - CONCORD PUBLIC LIBRARY Rice, beans, charity Attention, burrito lovers. Your affection for rice, beans and salsa can help a good cause this week.…

Dec 20, 2010
2:29 PM
Pet BFFs

Pals Luka and Lily

As you now know, Christmas makes us cranky (see "What do you hate about Christmas"). We took a look at this picture, though, and were a tad less cantankerous. “Our 2-year-old German Shepherd, Lily, greets her new 11-week old sister, Luka, with a kiss and a hug,” proud mama Nancy Berliner wrote. Are your pets best buds, too? We won’t believe it until we see it. Send your pictures…

Dec 20, 2010
2:31 PM

Where the Insider goes, nobody knows!

Martin Murray recently visited Nashville, Tenn. and he brought a copy of the Insider for the King. We’d love you tender if you submitted your travel photos with the Insider! Send them to Otherwise, we’ll be so lonesome we could cry.

Dec 20, 2010
2:36 PM

Charity by the truckload

This year, New Hampshire state agencies worked together to collect food for the New Hampshire Food Bank. The agencies involved included administrative services, agriculture, banking, cultural resources, DES, DOT, DRED, employment security, education, fish and game, HHS and insurance. According to James Martin, public information officer for New Hampshire Department of Environmental…

Dec 20, 2010
2:41 PM
Concord Public Library

Book of the week

Solomon’s Oak Jo-Ann Mapson 2010, 371 pages Setting: Present-day California Glory never dreamed that she’d be hosting a pirate wedding at her farm. But she has bills to pay. After the unexpected death of her husband Dan, Glory starts scheduling weddings in the stone chapel he built. To complicate things, a friend convinces Glory to take on Juniper, a surly 14-year-old girl, as a foster child. Glory thinks that this is a huge mistake, but she can’t turn Juniper away. Glory has her hands full with the farm, her horses, rescue dogs and Juniper. Problems keep piling up, but Glory finds help…