The 2012 SNOB Film Festival issue

Nov 06, 2012
11:46 AM

The SNOB is back in town

The SNOB Film Festival makes its triumphant return to Concord this week. The event, entering its 11th year, takes place at Red River Theatres, where films from around the world – as well as right here in Concord – will be screened to crowds of cinephiles. There are some great movies to look forward to, and obviously that’s what most people will show up for. However, the SNOB’s…

Nov 06, 2012
10:54 AM
dark mana

Magic cards and hamster eggs at the SNOB Film Festival

 Mike Place didn’t have a particularly difficult time selecting which genres to enter projects in at the upcoming SNOB Film Festival.He just drew them out of a hat.Place, a Concord filmmaker, has a pair of short films showing at this year’s festival, films he originally entered in The 48 Hour Film Project, a contest in which you draw a category out of a hat and have…

Nov 06, 2012
10:42 AM
tractor beam

Finding the humor in an alien abduction

 The first thing Concord filmmaker Tom Kearney saw as he walked out of Red River Theatres following last fall’s SNOB Film Festival was a spaceship.When the festival returns to Concord this weekend, the rest of the city can see the same one.Kearney wasn’t drunk on local beer, or even independent film bliss, when he strolled to the streets last September. Rather, moments…

Nov 06, 2012
10:57 AM

The (worst) movies of 2012

 Every time the SNOB Film Festival comes to town, our own Food Snob gets very excited. How many people can say there is a festival named after them? When the news is broken that the name stands for Somewhat North Of Boston and has nothing to do with the Food Snob, the Snob flies into a rage and uses the Insider to vent toward all things movie-related. Here are the Snob’s reviews of the top films of 2012. Prometheus: Michael Fassbender ruins an otherwise decent film with his lifeless, devoid-of-emotion portrayal of space explorer David. The Hunger Games: An obvious ploy to sell…

Nov 06, 2012
10:51 AM

We get a sneak preview of the burrito that bears our name

 Each year around this time, the Food Snob’s taste buds perk up and we start salivating. The SNOB Film Festival is back in town, and that means we get to try out special SNOB-themed menu items at Concord’s restaurants. We stopped by Dos Amigos to try out its offering, the SNOB burrito.Full disclosure: we’ve had a burrito or two at Dos Amigos before. In fact, we…

Nov 06, 2012
12:00 AM

The art of classic movies

Check out these vintage posters on display in the NHTI Library.


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