Red River Theatres birthday issue

Sep 28, 2010
11:02 AM
Bulletin board

Road race to honor Concord teacher; new vegan restaurant; haunted house

Road race in memory of beloved teacher The Concord community lost a great teacher and friend this year when Sue Ann Martin tragically died unexpectedly. Sue Ann touched many people in this community, from her Broken Ground students and their families, her coworkers, her neighbors and church friends to her friends in the running community. Education was Sue Ann's love, and Broken Ground School was where she shared this love with her students and fellow teachers. We want to continue her love and support of education and of Concord's youth. The Sue Ann Martin Fun Run will support a scholarship fund…

Sep 28, 2010
12:27 PM
Hip hip hooray!

Happy Birthday, Red River Theatres!!!

Wow, Red River, we can’t believe you’re almost 3! As a nearly 4-year-old publication, we Insiders know firsthand how tough those first few years can be. You survived the worst of it – teething, the terrible twos, cloth diapers – with style, grace and delicious popcorn. We remember the first time we walked through your shiny new doors, nervous and a little shy. You greeted us…

Sep 28, 2010
12:44 PM
From the fifth-grade correspondents who brought you the Great Splashdown of 2010 . . . .

Sophia and Ella infiltrate the Concord Crew team!

We both hitched a ride on a launch – a boat for you landlubbers – with Charmie Curran, the Concord Crew coach for the novice girls. We watched the novice girls practice their boating skills (maybe they plan on being Vikings). Here is a glossary of six terms Concord crew mates use that you probably didn’t know about. Surf: A move in which rowers stand up and, well . . . SURF! Way…

Sep 28, 2010
12:00 AM
With our hands

Stepping back in time with the Bristol Watchmaker

It's a mad, mad, lightning-paced, satellite-synchronized world we've created for ourselves. Productivity and multitasking are the highest of virtues, and time - always of the essence, yet always running out - has become our greatest obsession. We live in such constant fear of missed deadlines and ill-spent hours that we surround ourselves with clocks: on the computer, in the car, and…

Sep 28, 2010
12:00 AM
The Revelator

What's the deal with the Route 106 facelift?

Last week, while we were twiddling our thumbs and waiting for something to revelate, we received this e-mail from Larry Nieder: "As a lifelong resident of Concord, I am wondering why Route 106 in Concord by the Steeplegate Mall (also known as Sheep Davis Road) is being repaved. Route 106 is in near pristine condition and is not in need of new tar. In fact, it is one of the best roads we have in the city, let alone the state. It just seems to the ordinary citizen to be a huge waste of money to rip up perfectly good tar to put down more perfectly good tar. Especially when you contrast it to Route…

Sep 28, 2010
12:00 AM
Backstage pass

Crafting funny material is a lot like mining for gold

"Where do you get your material?" Comics hear this question on a nightly basis. No matter how comics come by their material, the ability to make it look like they're just up on the stage talking is a skill that takes years to perfect. A lot of work goes into looking that natural during your delivery. In fact, every polished minute of material that you see requires about ten hours of preparation writing, refining, honing the material and sharpening the words. All comics have their own routine for generating material. For me, it's taking an hour every weekday and writing on a topic. I partition off…