Military issue

Feb 16, 2010
11:37 AM

Where in Concord

We’re sure you’re familiar with the South End. You’ve probably even heard of Birdtown. But do you know about a couple of streets that take their names from the front of the alphabet? A Street and B Street are dead-end roads that originate on Gates Street, which is in between Loudon Road and Branch Turnpike. As if living on cute, quiet little roads with cool names wasn’t enough, the folks in this neighborhood…

Feb 16, 2010
11:39 AM

Pet photo of the week

Readers, allow us to introduce to you Keechee. “She is a Pixie-Bob cat and she belonged to my brother, Jeff Dennett, before he passed away this October,” writes sender-inner Carrie Duval. “He flew her to Massachusetts from the breeder in California and she made a lot of friends at Logan Airport. She has adopted my other brother, John Dennett, and will now let him keep her company…

Feb 16, 2010
11:43 AM

February vacation calendar

McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center 271-7827, Catch a planetarium show at these special times all week long: - 11 a.m., “Our Place in Space”: Romp through space with Scarlet the Macaw, Indy the Elephant, Paula the Polar Bear and Crusty Crocodile. - Noon, “Family of the Sun”: Enjoy an aurora on Saturn, see the relative positions of planets in their orbits around our…

Feb 16, 2010
11:45 AM

Helicopter of the week

Driving by the New Hampshire National Guard headquarters on Regional Drive, you may have noticed the aptly named “helicopter on a stick,” or so the folks at the Guard facility jokingly call it. It’s actually a real-deal helicopter, one of the Hueys that are best known for their use in the Vietnam War. “It was a lifeline during the Vietnam War,” writes Staff Sgt. Ginger Dempsey…

Feb 16, 2010
11:47 AM

Help identify these barns

We recently received an e-mail from Liz Hengen who is looking for some help identifying farms in an old photo: “I recently came across the enclosed group of photos of Concord farms, taken in 1947 for the city’s Annual Report. I’m wondering whether your readers might be able to identify them. At this point, I can locate only two of them.” Those two are 174 Little Pond Road (top…

Feb 16, 2010
12:00 AM

Where The Insider goes, nobody knows!

Doug and Sharon Savoy of Bow spent their holiday in Singapore visiting family and posing with The Insider in front of the baby Merlion statue at Merlion Park. "I bet you never thought The Insider would make it half way around the world, but it did!" Sharon wrote. She added that if the couple posed next to the original, 28.22-foot Merlion, we wouldn't have been able to see The Insider.…