Hottest President Ever?

Feb 19, 2013
5:28 PM

Franklin Pierce: America's hottest president?

In honor of President's Day, we're taking an in-depth look at Concord's own POTUS: Franklin Pierce. He wasn't the best president, but he may have been the sexiest! Some folks called him 'Young Hickory of the Granite Hills,' but to us, he'll always be 'Handsome Frank.'

Feb 19, 2013
3:09 PM

You’re looking mighty presidential, Concord!

Our nation’s 14th president Franklin Pierce called Concord home. We took to the streets to ask locals which current Concordian they would like to see become president someday. The answers may or may not surprise you!

Feb 19, 2013
2:16 PM

Snow?! In February?! We must document this for posterity!

We took to Instagram to find the top pics of Winter Storm Nemo taken by Concordians. Check them out!

Feb 19, 2013
10:57 AM

Pierce's Presidential nicknames

One thing true for almost every president is that they have a cool presidential nickname. From George ‘Honest Abe’ Washington to Barack Hussein Obamacare, they’ve all had one. Franklin Pierce was no exception – he was called both ‘Young Hickory of the Granite Hills’ and ‘Handsome Frank.’ But what about the nicknames that didn’t stick? We dug up a few that we think would have been just as awesome. ∎ The Toddler President ∎ Ol’ Average Height ∎ The Great Masticator ∎ Paul Bunyan, But Real ∎ Swanky Franky ∎ The American Ignaz Semmelweis ∎ The Millard…

Feb 19, 2013
1:57 PM

Deborah deMoulpied tells us that it is easy being green

Name: Deborah deMoulpiedOwner, Bona Fide Green GoodsHow long have you owned the store?It will be six years in July. What made you want to get into the green living business?It was kind of at the height of the green living and environmental and climate change awareness before the recession hit, and it was a niche that I felt would be fun to bring to Concord. What’s your…

Feb 19, 2013
1:48 PM

One concert, one home, many hopes: MVHS senior project fundraiser takes center stage

If Merrimack Valley High School senior Marlee Houston was hoping for written feedback on her senior project proposal, she’ll have to do without. Her teacher opted instead to jump excitedly up and down. That’s good, right? We never elicited that kind of response from our teachers. The enthusiasm was generated by Houston’s plan for a benefit concert featuring the Adam Ezra Group…


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