Gift wrap issue

Dec 23, 2008
3:41 PM

Important trash and recycling news!!!

Christmas, if nothing else, generates tons of trash and excellent opportunities to recycle. Please note that during Christmas week, the trash and recycling schedule has changed. Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s routes will be collected as usual, however, there will be no collection on Thursday. (Hey, trash collectors deserve a day off, too!) No need to fret though, Thursday’s route will be picked up on Friday and Friday’s route will be picked up on Saturday. We just thought you should know.

Dec 23, 2008
11:18 AM

City Briefly

Love your generator? Listen up! Each week, we bring you the finest in wisdom from our saintly city manager, Tom Aspell. This week is no exception. Aspell doesn't waste time making nice in his latest column, but that's because, like any superhero, he's got lives to save. In a serious tone, he tell us that due to the loss of power suffered by many in our community recently, generator use has been at an all-time high. "The Code Administration Office cautions that, while tremendously helpful, generators can pose serious life safety risks," Aspell says, shaking his index finger back and forth. "One…

Dec 23, 2008
11:22 AM

Concord Police Log

December 15 The pillow toss Officers Christopher Gallagher and Scott Fanjoy were sent to a Bluffs Drive residence for a report of a 911 call that sounded "really heated," according to Fanjoy's report. When the officers arrived, a woman was standing at the front door, Fanjoy wrote. She said that Terri L. Gazaway Bernart, 50, of Concord, had her massage table and would not give it back. "At this time," Fanjoy wrote, "Gazaway answered the door in her normal heated manner by yelling and screaming at us (police officers). Gazaway then directed her screaming at Officer Gallagher while he was trying to…

Dec 23, 2008
11:31 AM
The Revelator

Update on the Tuttle House

Tom Arnold gave us a ring last week to see if we would do an update on the Tuttle House, a home that was relocated last year from its Pleasant Street address to Gabby Lane in the South End. Tom said the house had been empty for quite some time and wondered what was going on with it. Tom, The Revelator is on it. Soon we will enlighten you with our research. But first, we have to look…

Dec 23, 2008
11:35 AM

Ask the Elders: The dating scene

Dear Elders, I lost my spouse a couple of years ago. I am entertaining the idea of dating. As it has been many years since I last went on a date, I'd like some advice on how to approach the dating scene of today. Signed, Cautious Casper Kranenburg Dear Cautious, Did I read "a couple of years ago"? Get on with your life and start dating immediately, you deserve it! Pick yourself up and…

Dec 23, 2008
11:48 AM

Holiday vacation guide

Your kids are home during winter break, and you have no clue how to keep them busy. No worries. The Insider is here to save the day (or week), once again. We've got the scoop on what local businesses and organizations are offering to take your kids off your hands during their time off. Perhaps next year we will create an Insider vacation-camp, where your kids can do the Insiders' jobs…