Gift wrap issue

Dec 23, 2008
3:28 PM

A special friend stopped by to wish you a happy holiday!

Last month, Jim Taber of Granite State Independent Living and past Bulletin Board fame, snapped this photo of a male hooded merganser, whom we took the liberty of naming “Ducky.” Ducky may have stopped by last month, but he requested we save him for our Christmas issue. (Or we just didn’t have space for Ducky in weeks past.) Either way, if Ducky were here right now, this is what…

Dec 23, 2008
3:29 PM

A free Christmas meal for all!

The Concord Community Outreach holiday meal is scheduled for Christmas Day. We are excited about the support received by local organizations and want to thank all who made it possible through their collective feedback and suggestions to provide meals to those in need this holiday season! The meal will be held at the Grappone Conference Center, 70 Constitution Ave., on Christmas Day. Dinner will be served between 1:30-3:30 p.m. Leaflet flyers will be available for distribution to inform folks in need of the details regarding this meal, and are available by contacting Bethany Reed. Public transportation…

Dec 23, 2008
3:31 PM
Book review of the week

The Unbidden Truth

Santa doesn’t want cookies this year. He would rather have you head over to the Concord Public Library and check out a book or two for yourself. The Unbidden Truth Kate Wilhelm 2004, 366 pages Setting: Oregon and California Barbara Holloway is a Eugene, Ore., attorney known for taking on difficult cases. In “The Unbidden Truth,” she is offered a large retainer to defend a young pianist, Carol Fredericks, charged…

Dec 23, 2008
3:37 PM

Extended hours at the food pantry

The food pantry ministry at St. Peter’s Church, 135 N. State St., has decided to have our food pantry open on Wednesday evenings, from 6:30-8 p.m., in addition to our openings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. We began the Wednesday-evening sessions in December and will continue to offer this session in 2009. George Weber Director, St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry

Dec 23, 2008
11:06 AM
Our German Correspondent

A place where candy lands in your smelly shoes

The holiday season in Germany is rather different from the one I’ve experienced for the past 18 years. There are definitely a few things I miss about Concord this time of year, but a lot of stuff here is new and intriguing, and I’m having a total blast during German Christmastime. That’s probably one of the biggest differences, that December is Christmastime and not much else.…

Dec 23, 2008
3:40 PM

Solemn High Mass on Christmas Eve

If you miss the beauty of the Christmas of your youth – candles, beautiful music with traditional hymns, elegant liturgy – join the parish of All Saints Anglican Church in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ at the Solemn High Mass on Christmas Eve at 10 p.m., or the simpler mass on Christmas day, 8 a.m., at the church. The musical offering will be enhanced by Jane Cormier of The Lakes Region Opera Company. Jane is an internationally recognized opera professional, and she hosts a local radio program on WKXL 1450 originating here in Concord. The parish worships at 211 N. Main St. in Concord,…