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Nature 101

Exploring the Winant Park trails

The Winant Park trails of Concord are delightfully rugged, and the reward for reaching the top is a breathtaking panoramic view of the New Hampshire landscape, including the State House and the St. Paul’s School campus, with mountains on the far horizon. The rock-strewn picturesque pathways are what you would expect… 0

December 13, 2010
Nature 101

Wonderful milkweed

Milkweed is a sun-loving plant that can flourish in many places such as in fields, along roads and on hillsides. The colorful monarch butterfly is dependent on the milkweed because the monarch caterpillar will feed only on this plant, the toxic elements of which are transferred to the caterpillar and eventually to… 0

November 15, 2010
Nature 101

A leisurely stroll on the Curtisville trails

If you are looking for a brief walk through a typical New England forest, the Curtisville trail in Concord is right for you. To get there from East Side Drive, you take South Curtisville Road past the Broken Ground School until you come to a large beaver dam on your right. You can park your car here and then walk a few minutes further to the entrance of the trail on your left. The… 0

October 4, 2010
Nature 101

Exploring the forest landscape: pillows and cradles

This week, Nature 101's Paul Basham explores forest landscape trends that happen over time, specifically, the cradle and pillow phenomenon. Hiking along the woodland trails in the Concord area, you may come across shallow depressions next to an elevated mound of earth. These curious contours of the forest floor have an interesting history and are called "cradles and pillows." When… 0

September 28, 2010
Nature 101

How your city trails stay so beautifully kempt

This week, Nature 101's Paul Basham finds out who's responsible for maintaining the city's trail system. Who maintains and grooms the hiking trails of Concord? This question was partly answered for me when I was hiking a trail in the area of Broken Ground School and came upon a group of seven people working to improve… 0

August 10, 2010
Nature 101

Bumpy? Yes. Wart-causing? No.

Are the more adventurous, younger members of your family down in the dirt playing with toads again? It shouldn't cause you to worry: There is an ancient myth based on a superstitious fear that the wart-like swellings on a toad's skin can be contagious. But there is good medical evidence this is not true. However, because… 0

July 27, 2010
Nature 101

Sorry, Alvin, you can't stay here

It's no secret that chipmunks are pretty cute. But when they aren't scampering about the yard, eating nuts and looking adorable, the little fur balls like to dig. That's all well and good, unless you're a homeowner who doesn't care for chipmunk tunnels under your patio steps, house foundation or prized garden. This… 0

June 8, 2010
Nature 101

Check yo'self: It's tick season

Lyme disease is a serious problem here in New England - most notably in New Hampshire, which has the highest per capita rate of cases in the country, according to the CDC. Nature 101's Paul Basham got the lowdown on the six-legged creatures at the state Fish and Game Department's Discover Wild New Hampshire Day last… 0

May 18, 2010
Nature 101

The exciting outdoor world

Dear Paul, What are your credentials and qualifications to answer questions about nature? A Facebook Friend Dear Facebook Friend, I was born with a silver maple spoon in my mouth, burdock burrs in my hair and thorn bush scratches on my legs. As a life-long nature detective, I have followed my curiosity over many… 0

April 20, 2010
Nature 101

All about bald eagles

What is the status of the bald eagle in New Hampshire? The American bald eagle, selected as our national symbol in 1782, was nearly eliminated from the lower 48 states by the middle of the 20th century. In 1982, during the Mid-Winter Bald Eagle Survey, only two bald eagles were seen in the entire state of New Hampshire.… 0

April 13, 2010