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Defending grand champion Alyssa Muise has a sweet ’stache and serves up some fajita mac and cheese. 0

January 20, 2015
Don’t forget to blink

If you want to get to know the guy behind the eye, here you go

Tom Devaney has been watching you for quite some time now. Well, actually his recorded right eye is the one catching a glimpse of you whenever you pass through the intersection of Pleasant and Main streets, but you may have noticed it’s no longer there. And just to be clear, we’re talking about the… 0

January 20, 2015
Wheeling for a cause

NHTI set to host its 13th annual wheelchair basketball fundraiser

Zech DeVits was someone you’d probably call larger than life. It wasn’t just because he stood well over 7 feet tall due to being born with a rare genetic condition called gigantism and skeletal dysplasia, and the fact he was still over 6 feet riding in his wheelchair. No, it’s because even though DeVits has been gone for almost 10 years, passing away at the age of 22 –… 0

January 20, 2015
Lookin’ sharp

Bishop Brady ballers get new uniforms from Monahan Foundation

When the Bishop Brady varsity boys and girls basketball teams took the court Friday night, they did so wearing some fresh new gear. We’re talking brand new Under Armour uniforms, travel suits and shooting shirts. Yeah, we told you it was fresh. That’s not a word we throw around lightly when it comes to athletic… 0

January 20, 2015
It's an Endurathon, not a sprint

Evo Endurathon will have you climbing the walls all Saturday long

We’re stuck in the middle of January, which is pretty much the worst thing ever. But if cabin fever has you practically climbing the walls, there’s a chance to channel that impulse productively coming up at Evolution Rock + Fitness. The gym is hosting Evo Endurathon on Saturday, where climbers rack up as many vertical… 0

January 20, 2015
Face to faceoff

Meet some of the teams that will play in this year’s Black Ice tourney

When you head over to White Park this weekend for the 1883 Black Ice Pond Hockey Championship, take a long look at all the list of teams. With 91 teams playing in six divisions, there’s a lot of clever and unique names that make us quite proud of our pun heritage. Squads like Scared Hitless, Dogs on Linoleum,… 0

January 20, 2015
It's now or never

Eat a burrito; it’s what Elvis would want

Elvis Presley would have turned 80 this year (or is 80, if you’re in the camp that thinks he’s just hiding out somewhere). We don’t know how he would sound or look at this point, but we’re pretty confident about one thing: he’d probably want to eat a burrito right about now. Boloco is banking on you feeling… 0

January 20, 2015

This week in Concord history

Jan. 13, 2003: The Concord City Council votes to schedule a public hearing on the future of the historic Rolfe barn, which is slated to be taken apart, shipped out of state and reassembled as part of a building project. The council wants to know if the city should take the building through eminent domain. Jan. 13, 1943: Responding to the governor’s call for Victory gardens… 0

January 13, 2015
Cruising in circles

If you can skate while crashing into others, keep reading this story

Think you’ve got what it takes to hang with the ladies of Granite State Roller Derby? Well here’s you chance to find out. With the 2015 season set to begin this spring, the four-wheeling crashers and bashers are looking for some new blood to take on the toughest ladies this side of the lingerie football league. So… 0

January 13, 2015
You put this in your cereal

We stopped by Morrill Farm Dairy to check out the art of milking


January 13, 2015