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re signs: you came to Concord too late for the big sign on the St. Paul's School property which read (more or less) "No trespassing without permission." It's been changed.
P. Gow, Concord

What's with the Recyclinator? She doesn't reuse Xmas wrapping paper? Roll or fold it up and wrap with it next year! Worn sections can be covered with tags or that paper can be downsized. There is some wrapping paper I recognize from several years.
Recycling is a poor substitute for reuse.

Roy Schweiker

P.S. - Katie, "upsot" is meant to be the past tense of "upset" or
overturned as in "upset the apple cart."

Dear Roy,

Thank you for your e-mail. However, I have to correct your "correction." First off, and most importantly, it was I who wrote the article, not Katie. (I am far too full of myself to give my article's credit to someone else.)

Also, after musing over different meanings of "upsot," I did acknowledge that the meaning that most made sense was "overturned."

Don't worry. I wasn't too upsot about it.

Cassie Pappathan


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