We get a sneak preview of the burrito that bears our name

SNOB-themed foods abound in Concord
The SNOB burrito at Dos Amigos – made with fresh snob meat! Just kidding, it’s vegetables.
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Each year around this time, the Food Snob’s taste buds perk up and we start salivating. The SNOB Film Festival is back in town, and that means we get to try out special SNOB-themed menu items at Concord’s restaurants. We stopped by Dos Amigos to try out its offering, the SNOB burrito.
Full disclosure: we’ve had a burrito or two at Dos Amigos before. In fact, we wear out free burrito punch cards like it’s our job (and sometimes it is!). So, we had an inkling of what we might be getting. However, we found out that the SNOB burrito actually comes with ingredients not usually offered in Dos’s standard burrito options. 
Instead of a meat-centric filling, this wrap goes all-vegetarian. Seasonal selections of sauteed summer squash and zucchini are the stars of the show; while those may seem like unusual ingredients for a Mexican-style burrito, they actually fit right in, creating a nice texture. 
The rest of the bulky burrito (and we do mean bulky! This thing was as big as our arm!) consisted of portobella mushrooms, red and green peppers and red onions. All the vegetables were sauteed together in “Amigo Spice,” the same tasty flavor that gives their chicken a powerful zest. 
Lettuce, tomato, rice (we opted for brown), sour cream and a whole wheat wrap rounded out the burrito. The finishing touch? The sweet and spicy carrot habanero sauce to add just the right kick. (More adventurous souls may opt for the XXX; those more timid may go for mild or medium).
It was a great burrito that we couldn’t finish in one sitting, although we found plenty of room for the delicious chips that came on the side. Split it with your film festival date, wolf it down yourself or smuggle it into the theater for a mid-movie snack (ed. note: Don’t do that!).
The meal cost $6.95, but we were told that people attending the SNOB festival will get $1 off the SNOB burrito.

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