Thrifty Concord

Wow, when did our city become such a thrift hub? Here’s where you can find clothes on the cheap.
Fashionistas in the market for a good deal need look no further than OutFITters Thrift Store in Bicentennial Square. The shop, which opened in April 2009, has a little something for women of all ages. And when you buy something, all profits from the sale go to support Families in Transition, an organization that fights homelessness in the Granite State. The space, though small, boasts a large collection of women’s clothing, with everything from dresses to shoes and handbags, jewelry and even hats that look like they’d belong at a royal wedding. The shop, which is planning a move to Main Street sometime in the near future, also has a bigger sister store in Manchester. There you can find men’s clothing, furniture and other household items. OutFITters is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.. You can bring donations during those hours, too. To reach the store, call 219-0027, or visit
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Wow, when did our city become such a thrift hub? Here’s where you can find clothes on the cheap

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Thrifty Concord 4

Wow, when did our city become such a thrift hub? Here’s where you can find clothes on the cheap.
August 2, 2011

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August 2, 2011


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Little Sweet Pea left

How could Little Sweet Pea of been left out of this article! The owners are wonderful people and the quality of items and pricing is great, I always look there before buying new. The facebook page is awesome with a monthly contest for store credit and special sales info and they allways respond quickly to your questions about items. The are now offering community events like sign language class, nh babywearers monthly meeting and other parent topics. Ive been to al if the consignment stores and they are the best ever!

It seems that you missed the

It seems that you missed the BEST place to find a great deal for all your children's needs. Little Sweet Pea Boutique on Manchest Street by far offers the best prices and customer service in the area!

A BIG Omission

A notable omission in your article about Concord's thrift stores prompted me to register to make comments on this site. Little Sweet Pea Boutique, located on Manchester Street, is a fantastic consignment shop, selling kids clothes, toys, baby gear, maternity clothes, books and a lot more. Owner Rebekah Hinckley has done a great job addressing the needs of the community with her shop and deserved mention in your article. Thank you, Little Sweet Pea, for your wonderful presence in Concord!

Great article, but glaring ommission!!

Love the list of shopping locations for those of us who like to hang tight to our dollar, but sad to see the best children's resale shop in Concord, Little Sweet Pea Boutique, missing from your article! There are few enough discount/resale locations in Concord, that there's no reason for one to be missed! Thank you for the list though...there are a couple on there that I keep meaning to check out but just haven't made it there yet.