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Feb. 5, 2000: Concord Coach #425, built at the Abbott-Downing Co. in Concord in 1874, is headed on a new journey, the Monitor reports. The New London Historical Society is sending the coach out for a refurbishing. Unlike its original travels, which were powered by four or five horses, this one is taking place inside a moving van.

Feb. 5, 2001: Up to a foot of snow falls in just a few hours as a true blizzard hits the state. By the time the snow is done the next day, Concord will have about 15 inches of accumulation. Several towns will report more than double that.

Feb. 5, 2002: The preliminary $51.8 million school budget is up nearly 1 percent from last year and includes provisions for a new roof at Broken Ground School, three new sports teams at Concord High School and a security guard to watch school buildings after the last bell rings, the Monitor reports.

Feb. 6, 1968: Campaigning at the Concord Community Center, Sen. Eugene McCarthy responds to President Johnson's assertion that the United States cannot merely "cut and run" in Vietnam.

"It creeps into the language of the administration, figures of speech like 'cut and run,' " McCarthy says. "I am not sure but what cut and run with cattle is a good thing to do if you're stampeded. I mean, it's the only way you can get out." Sen. Tom McIntyre, Johnson's lead man in New Hampshire, responds that McCarthy "somehow believes we can pack up and quit and still hold our heads high."


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