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The 1,2,3’s drop a new album – ready to party?

True Brew hosts the release show Dec. 22
Local band The 1,2,3’s have a new album coming out. Check out their album release concert at True Brew Barista Dec. 22 at 8:30 p.m. Wear an ugly sweater and you could win a prize!
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  We got our hands on an advance copy of “Satellites and Frequencies,” the sophomore effort from local band The 1,2,3’s. Their latest installment of angsty jam-indie rock builds on 2010’s “Not Found (Never Lost)” in a positive way. The production is slicker, carrying the lush, lazy soundscapes to the next plateau. 

Guitarist and vocalist Jordan Reynolds does most of the heavy lifting, belting out his poetic musings with an at-times tortured undertone. His guitar playing ranges from subtle texturization to full-on jam guitar shredding, blending a variety of styles.

Bassist Chris Robinson has a lot to do on the album as well; aside from laying down the bass backbone, Robinson adds a dreamy layer to several tracks with trombone and trumpet solos. 
Newest 1,2,3 (4?) Andrew Johnson provides backing guitar. Sean St. Germain’s drumming is solid, although underrepresented on the album.
The 1,2,3’s are chameleonic within their genre; from track to track, they can sound like Blind Melon, Pink Floyd or a punk-er Beach House. If you want to check out the album for yourself, visit the-123s.com, where you can find sample tracks, booking info and links to purchase their albums.
If you want to see the 1,2,3’s  in person, stop by True Brew Barista at 8:30 p.m. Dec. 22 for the “Satellites and Frequencies” release/Christmas party. Go all in and try to win the ugly Christmas sweater competition, or just kick back and enjoy the tasty grooves.


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