OMG! this concordian was in the olympics!

Remember Tara Mounsey?

Catching up with an Olympic great
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When we were just wee little Insiders, sitting on our papa's knee, we remember thinking Tara Mounsey, the Concord hockey all-star who first made her name by skating circles around her opponents - who just so happened to be a bunch of guys - was pretty awesome.

Then she and her team went on to win a gold medal at the Nagano Olympics in Japan in 1998. That pretty much cemented our belief that she was the coolest person in the world.

In honor of the Black Ice tournament, we decided to see what she's been up to since. The 32-year-old nurse practitioner was happy to oblige.

What have you been up to since you won all those Olympic medals?

I have completed my masters and currently work at New England Baptist as a nurse practitioner. I have also competed in a couple triathlons - sprints of course. 

Who's your favorite current hockey player and your favorite growing up?

Growing up I always liked Cam Neely.

You're one of two Concordians to make it to the Olympics with your mad skills. What is it about this town that makes such awesome hockey players?

Concord offers tremendous support for its youth hockey programs which provides opportunity for many young boys and girls to get involved in the sport.

Where's the best place in Concord to skate?

Outdoors: White Park, although I haven't skated there in many years. Indoors: The Everett (of course).

Do you still shoot the puck around? 

Once in a while I will lace up the skates.

What do you do when you're off the ice? 

Bike, hike, golf, hang out with my Bullmastiff, enjoy family and friends.

Are you competing in the 1883 Black Ice Pond Hockey Championship?

Not competing this year.

Will you be placing bets on any of the teams in next week's tournament?

I am biased. My money is on my brother, Mick Mounsey's, team!

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OMG! this concordian was in the olympics! > Remember Tara Mounsey? 0

Catching up with an Olympic great
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